Written by: Michelle Glennie, The Partner Marketing Group

7 Top Technology Marketing Blogs of 2019With the end of 2019 (and the entire decade!) behind us, we reflected on what strategies in technology marketing have led the year in popularity. Based on our top performing blogs over the past year, we’ve brought you a list of our top 7 tech marketing blogs with insight into the most popular trends and topics heading into 2020.

#7: 8 Things Partners Want from Your Channel Marketing Program

Simply put, channel marketing programs can be lackluster and disengaging. Sirius shared that “channel marketers report less than 20% of their partners regularly participate in demand generation efforts.” So, what is driving this lack of interest, and how do you combat it? We wrote this easy-to-digest eBook about solving your channel marketing problems.

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#6: 7 Creative Ideas for Content Distribution

If you struggle with content distribution (who doesn’t?) and need ideas for garnering new and creative places to spread your marketing, you’ve come to the right place. Whether it is expanding on the networks you already use, or branching out into something totally new and different, this list is sure to curate creativity. From direct engagement to employee distribution – this list has it all!

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#5: A Step-by-Step Guide to Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping may be a relatively new concept when it comes to marketing, but it is one with proven results leading to increased revenue. This eight-step guide to creating your mapping process from the ground up will help you understand the why and the how of this increasingly popular and beneficial tactic of truly connecting to your customers.

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#4: 26 Hot B2B Marketing Stats & Trends

Did you know B2B buyers do an average of 12 internet searches before settling on a certain brand? Or that 93% of B2B consumers wish companies would educate, rather than sell to them? Traditional marketing statistics get old and outdated; we were tired of reading the same trends and data over and over, so we created this list of the breaking trends in the industry to share with you.

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#3: 2019 Social Media Image Size Guide

Just like it sounds – this blog is a must-have guide for getting those social media images just right on the first try. Along with tips and tricks to sizing, included is a link to download the no-frills, just-the-basics PDF chart of sizes for each individual image and video requirements for all of the major social media sites.

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#2: How to Use a ‘Pain Chain’ to Add Customer Value

A ‘Pain Chain’ is a powerful visual map that helps determine the source of pain for customers and discuss, with the right people, how to eliminate or mitigate its effects. You’ve probably used something like it in your business, but is it working to the best of its ability? Find out here how to really use a Pain Chain to add customer value.

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And the top blog for 2019?

#1: 10 Brilliant Ideas for Use Cases in Technology Marketing

For technology companies, it is difficult to get your ideas and products across to your customers in a non-technical way and in a creative, engaging fashion. Enter: use cases. In marketing, use cases enable technology companies to illustrate products, services and value in a visual and concise way. To get you started, we put together a comprehensive list of ideas for use cases in your business.

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What a great year!

We enjoyed a year full of new data including our 2019 TPMG Benchmarks and Trends Report, wonderful interactions and goal-reaching with our industry partners, and insight into where the next hot topics in marketing are headed. We’re wishing all of our readers a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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