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Meet The Partner Marketing Group Team

When you work with The Partner Marketing Group, you will notice an immediate difference in our knowledge and expertise within the technology channel. That’s because we have dedicated our careers to your industry and your markets. Our experienced marketers focus solely on helping software and technology partners, publishers, and vendors with a deep understanding of your business and an unparalleled passion to help you succeed.

How can we help you?

We have designed our marketing solutions and services around the top needs of the technology marketers we serve, with the added flexibility to tailor or create virtually anything for your precise needs.

  • Build Your Marketing Foundation. Our Planning & Strategy services give you a foundation to grow on whether you are building your first marketing plan, or need objective guidance to make your existing plan more effective. Work with senior-level marketing consultants and Virtual Marketing Directors (VMDs) who will create a comprehensive, practical plan aligned to your goals.
  • Elevate Your Content. You want writers who are story tellers. We know the channel and your markets and, more importantly, how to showcase your value and impact. From creative infographics to interactive eBooks and compelling case studies, get the powerful content you need to engage and convert your prospects.
  • Boost Campaign Conversions. Multi-channel campaigns are much easier to manage and execute consistently when you have a well-defined plan, targeted content, all the supporting elements you need, and a team of technology marketing experts backing you up every step of the way.
  • Empower Your Channel. We help many software publishers and vendors, including Microsoft, Sage Intacct, and Acumatica, educate and empower channel partners with customized channel marketing solutions.
  • Win on Social Media. It’s not easy for technology marketers to be effective on social media without a real strategy behind it. We’ve got the help you need from strategy to content to campaigns to training—all designed to help you convert clicks to leads.
  • Expand Your Knowledge. Our team works hard to provide focused educational resources that help technology marketers continuously learn and expand their expertise.

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Meet the Leadership Team

Michelle Glennie

Michelle Glennie

Co-Founder, Partner and COO

What do you get when you blend years of technology expertise with a strategic business mind? Meet Michelle Glennie, Co-Founder, Partner and COO of The Partner Marketing Group. Armed with a Diet Coke and a smile, she keeps people and projects running smoothly for clients from start to success. With many years working with leading software and technology vendors, VARs and ISVs, Michelle fully understands what it takes to deliver value to the technology channel.


More About Michelle: Technology Guru, Wrangler of Everything and Craft Connoisseur

Armed with a Diet Coke and a smile, Michelle keeps people and projects running smoothly for clients from start to success. She is a true asset and leader for project teams with her extensive technology background, fierce organizational skills and unmatched ability to keep it real without losing the enthusiasm, energy and creativity to reach for the stars.

Michelle manages daily operations from A to Z for The Partner Marketing Group. It isn’t easy to keep a busy marketing firm in order, but you’d never know it by watching her facilitate everything from human resources and customer service to financials and marketing. Her passion for marketing—combined with her ability to put people first—has been an integral part of the global growth and spirited culture of the company.

Prior to co-founding The Partner Marketing Group, Michelle earned her BBA in Information Systems Management and began her career in technology as an Implementor, later becoming the Operations Manager for Maximum Data Solutions. In 2007, her hard work earned a Microsoft Dynamics Distinction in Marketing award, which was the first time this award was given to an independent software vendor.

“What excites me most about my work is seeing a business be successful. It might be a little cliché, but when you see a company win a new client or watch their profitability grow – I just love that we get to help make that happen. The brain power around here is amazing!”

10 Fun Facts you didn’t know about Michelle…

1. Nickname: Hmmm…I don’t really have one though some call me “Chelle”

2. Quote: “Those who stop advertising to save money are like those who stop a clock to save time.” Henry Ford

3. Vacation: Disney is our family go to!

4. Drink: Diet Coke. Unless it’s happy hour, then give me a cider or Jameson & ginger ale.

5. Candy: Mike & Ike’s

6. Food: Thai

7. Superhero: Ohhhh, great question. I would have to go with Ironman, but that could be just because of Robert Downey, Jr. Is that bad?

8. Bucket List: Travel more. The list grows of places to go and see.

9. Favorite Charity: Wild Animal Sanctuary, Donorschoose.org

10. Weekend Fun: Crafting (cardmaking is my go to craft, but I never get to it as much as I would like to), never-ending updates to our mid-century modern house (a fun, sometimes frustrating ongoing endeavor), and just overall family fun time. 

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Cheryl Salazar

Cheryl Salazar

Partner, EVP Channel & Marketing Strategy

For more than 30 years, Cheryl Salazar has been working for the local and global technology community. It’s no secret why people trust her to bring their products and marketing to life. Beyond her impressive depth of experience, Cheryl’s strategic approach and ability to execute have helped the world’s largest companies and channel partners drive leads through perfectly tailored marketing programs. And her super cool South African accent makes it even more fun!

More About Cheryl: Fitness Addict, Busy Mom and African Safari Guide

Before joining The Partner Marketing Group, Cheryl led many important initiatives during her 12-year tenure with Microsoft in South Africa and the United States. She played key roles in developing and supporting numerous software applications including Microsoft Office, Windows for Workgroups, Direct Access, Great Plains and the Microsoft Dynamics ERP suite. She also managed lead generation for Microsoft Public Sector and has served as product manager for technology distributors, ISVs and systems integrators. In addition to her day job Cheryl volunteers for the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) in various capacities, recently leading their Microsoft Inspire presence.

As Partner and EVP Channel & Marketing Strategy for The Partner Marketing Group, Cheryl brings clients broad expertise in marketing numerous technologies, as well as channel and business development. She’s not afraid to ask the tough questions and consistently delivers plans and programs that produce results. If you’re looking for an experienced channel consultant to help develop and optimize your go to market strategy, you want her on your team. It’s not often you find a hard-core “get it done” attitude wrapped up in such a sweet and caring person, but that’s Cheryl. She truly puts clients first and does what it takes to ensure success.

Cheryl earned her Bachelor of Education from the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa, which explains her love of learning, why she is so awesome at teaching others how to excel, and her superhuman ability to stay patient in the midst of chaos. This busy mom to two daughters is also an accredited Safari Guide (yes, really!) and somehow finds the energy to wake up at insane hours to work out. Just don’t take her chocolate and everything will be fine.

“I’ve never had such an opportunity to learn as I’ve had here. The people I get to work with every day are wonderfully unique. We’re a family who cares – about the business, our clients and each other. I love it.”

10 Fun Facts you didn’t know about Cheryl…

1. She speaks 3 languages – English, Afrikaans and Danish

2. Quote: “My coach said I ran like a girl. I said if he could run a little faster he could too.” Mia Hamm

3. Vacation: Do you need a favorite? It’s vacation! She does love to travel internationally to discover how other people live and work.

4. Drink: Water, coffee and the odd glass of wine

5. Candy: Dark chocolate

6. Food: Life is too short to eat bad food! I love Japanese or Mexican (only really good Mexican though)

7. Addictions: Chocolate, coffee (she has tried, and failed, at giving them up) and working out. She’s an ultrarunner, preferring trails at all times.

8. Bucket List:

  • Enjoy EVERY SINGLE DAY and have fun doing it
  • Hike in the Alps/Walk across the UK
  • Drive or bike across North America (US & Canada)
  • You can never go on enough safaris …

9. Favorite Charity: Cheryl favors local nonprofits – Hopelink and her local Nordic ski team.

10. Weekend Fun: Running, hiking, biking, skiing, swimming, cooking … too many things to mention!

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Barbara Pfeiffer

Barbara Pfeiffer

Senior Consultant

When it comes to innovative marketing for technology companies and their channel, few people possess the level of expertise, leadership and passion as Barbara Pfeiffer, Senior Consultant for The Partner Marketing Group. Barbara has spent most of her career developing and driving high-performing marketing programs for Microsoft and a global network of software VARs and ISVs. She was the strategic mind behind many exclusive Microsoft programs such as GAP, Landlord, Butterfly Publisher, Marketing Essentials and Marketing Office Hours.

More About Barbara: Marketing Maverick, Chief Channel Expert and Infinite Do-Gooder

Barbara is one of the most respected technology marketers around. In the decade Barbara worked for Microsoft as their sales manager and marketing manager, she created and managed several comprehensive channel development and partner marketing programs. She also co-founded Nurture Marketing where she continued to help companies like Microsoft and Nokia, and their partners, improve marketing effectiveness, drive demand and fill the pipeline.

With such a diverse set of talents, the advantage she brings TPMG clients is almost unfair. And they love every minute of it as she helps them find creative, progressive ways to stay competitive. Barbara is constantly on the leading edge of marketing – always reading, learning and mentoring others on how to blend new and proven marketing techniques for optimal success. She’s direct (in a good way), an insightful speaker, a big-picture thinker and has a knack for identifying the opportunities clients need to excel.

Technology isn’t the only thing Barbara is passionate about. She is the CEO of FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered, the largest national nonprofit for women and families facing hereditary cancer. It’s very close to her heart and gives her a whole different perspective on many things, personally and professionally. When she’s not working, which is rare, you’ll find Barbara hanging out with her hubby and cats, cooking, watching the ducks and swans in her backyard, reading or dreaming up a bunch of helpful marketing blogs she wants to write.

“We work hard – really hard – but we honestly love it. We’re always sending each other new ideas, articles, exciting things we’ve seen or learned and brainstorming how we can apply them to our clients’ businesses.”

10 Fun Facts you didn’t know about Barb…

  1. Nickname: Barb or Babsie
  2. Quote: “Buy the ticket, take the ride.” – Hunter Thompson
  3. Author: Warren Zevon
  4. Drink: Lemonade
  5. Candy: Chocolate truffles. Yum.
  6. Food: Pizza and pasta
  7. Superhero: Dark Knight
  8. Bucket List: I don’t even have one! I like to live in the moment pretty much. If I like it, I do it.
  9. Favorite Charity: I love the work I do with FORCE and also enjoy helping Donor’s Choose where you get to fund projects in classrooms across the U.S. I love to hear from the students when they finish up a project.
  10. Addictions: My two cats. But only two – I don’t want to be a crazy cat lady. And I don’t go anywhere without my Kindle. Also collecting toys. My prized possession is my 1959 Dr. Seuss Revell Model.

Educational Webinars & Trainings

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Jane Olson

Jane Olson

Customer and Channel Development Manager

After three decades working with technology channel partners and ISVs, Jane’s roots run deep in her beloved community. Whether handling marketing needs or event sponsorship opportunities, she has become well known for her uncanny ability to make the right connections and do the right things to help everyone succeed. She has an amazing sense of humor and thrives on working with channel partners in a 1:1 environment.

More About Jane: Helper, Connector, and Hugger Extraordinaire

Coming from Great Plains Software and Microsoft, Jane has this unique talent for reading between the lines to find the perfect partner solutions. Having previously managed marketing programs, ISV President’s Club trips, and monthly eNewsletters, she has such a rich history in the technology channel.

You may also recognize Jane for her work with The Partner Channel Magazine and the User Group Magazines. She was the originator of The List while at The Partner Channel; single handedly managing ad sales, content, and design. Most recently, she was with Dynamic Communities, continuing her work with the magazines, and diving into the world of event sponsor management and fulfillment.

The Partner Marketing Group is lucky to have Jane’s experience as she plays an integral role in launching and supporting The Solutions Connection, our online tool to help end users and partners find software solutions that integrate with multiple ERP publishers. If you have a software add-on solution to promote, or want to learn more about our marketing services, Jane will take great care of you.

With a passion for laughter and a smile that can light up a room, Jane can always be counted on for a hug (whether you want one or not!). Her enthusiasm for helping others – at church, at home, or at work – is a passion she won’t be giving up anytime soon. Above all else, Jane LOVES playing with her grandson, having drinks with friends and, when the mood strikes, trekking through thrift stores.

“I love working with partners to really understand what they are asking for and need. I feel the most fulfilled when I know I have succeeded in helping someone answer a question or getting through a tough situation. I’m thrilled to be able to continue my passion with The Partner Marketing Group.”

10 Fun Facts you didn’t know about Jane…

  1. Nickname: JaneO
  2. Favorite Advice: It’s always better to give than to receive.
  3. Vacation: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  4. Drink: Vodka soda with lime or a margarita – it’s a toss-up!
  5. Candy: Chocolate anything.
  6. Food: Give me ALL the vegetables.
  7. Superhero: Thor
  8. Favorite Book: The Gift by Danielle Steel … the story deeply touched me after our young niece’s death.
  9. Addictions: Decorating – wedding receptions, seasonal decorating – I collect décor even when I’m not working on a project!
  10. Weekend Fun: Golf, baking, cooking, reading, church, and playing with my grandson.

Years Working With Technology Partners

Years Managing ISV Marketing Programs

Weddings & Events Decorated

Christine Guldner

Christine Guldner

Project and Client Development Manager

Christine has over 14 years’ experience as a Senior Account Manager, and when it comes to getting things done, Christine is your girl. Whether it’s handling marketing, projects, sales, or accounting, Christine has experience. She is known for building productive relationships, working collaboratively with customers, and managing projects. When she is not working, you can find her spending time with family and friends and getting pretty competitive during card or board games.

More About Christine: Enigmatologist, Veggie Connoisseur, and Project Success Maven

Throughout her career, Christine has been in roles that always seem to morph from their original descriptions. She’s embraced those changes—allowing her to learn multiple aspects of business and gain experience in a breadth of areas. Along with her love of learning, Christine has a “figure it out” way of doing things that brings a focused and positive approach to problem-solving.

With experience in the Microsoft ISV Channel, Christine knows how to market, build brand awareness, and is passionate about exceeding client goals. Her diverse background in executing marketing initiatives—from tradeshows to events to small programs—means you name it; she can do it!

Christine is driven to help take care of people and projects, and she is always striving to create better ways of doing things and to do better herself. In that vein, she has a competitive side that comes out when she is playing games with family and friends. She is a mother of four, wife, and dog mom of two who enjoys spending time with them and of course, trying to beat them at games.

“I’ve always enjoyed ‘the project’ and the variety of marketing. Discovering what the client needs and how to execute it is like piecing a puzzle together. It’s a great feeling when everything falls into place, and you get to finish up a great project”

10 Fun Facts you didn’t know about Christine…

1. Nickname: My nickname would have to be Chris! ”

2. Quote: “Be yourself.  Everyone else is taken.” Oscar Wilde

3. Vacation: I’ve always loved the all-inclusive warmer destinations, but I would NEVER turn down a good friend-filled camping trip.

4. Drink: There’s nothing better than a great cup of coffee. However, in the summer months you’ll find me sipping a fun fruity drink by the pool.

5. Candy: I have never been a huge candy person, but I have been known to indulge in a Take 5 and even a 100 Grand candy bar every Halloween. 

6. Food: I love pretty much all food. But when it comes to my favorite, I LOVE veggies. I was told I would be a good candidate for the show “Survivor”.  

7. Superhero: It’s a toss-up between Deadpool and Black Widow

8. Bucket List: Enjoy every day and of course, travel more.  

9. Favorite Charity: Local food banks and the Salvation Army/Red Kettles

10. Weekend Fun: Spending quality time with family and friends.  I also love playing games: cards, board games, you name it, I play it. And I “may” have a mild competitive streak.   

Marketing Projects Managed

Tchotchkes Created

Puzzles Completed

Barb Levisay

Barb Levisay

Senior Writer/Designer

Barb Levisay is no stranger to the Microsoft Dynamics partner community. As a former executive for multiple Microsoft partners, and a recipient of the Microsoft Marketing Excellence award, Barb now delights in sharing her decades of knowledge and expertise with clients of The Partner Marketing Group. Not only does she hold an MBA in Marketing, she has tried-and-true experience in translating how partners, VARs and ISVs apply solutions and services to solve real business problems.

More About Barb: Word Wizard, People Connector, Gardening Goddess

When partners, VARs and ISVs want effective ways to showcase their value, they want Barb on their team. Not only does she hold an MBA in Marketing, she has tried-and-true experience in how partners apply solutions and services to solve business problems. She gets the common challenges businesses face across industries and what they really need help with. Then, through masterful writing and creative design, Barb translates each partner’s value in ways business professionals can actually understand (without an IT-to-English dictionary).

Those who know Barb appreciate her commitment to helping partners succeed, her intense passion for her work, and her never-give-up personality. Not everyone finds writing about technology thrilling, but Barb honestly loves it. She’s been in the Microsoft Dynamics channel for so many years that she’s often contacted to help connect people looking for employment with partners looking for new talent. She’s just helpful like that.

When her brain needs a break from writing, Barb says, “Carpe diem!” and heads to the garden or for a hike in the mountains with her husband. Or, if it’s been a really long day, she might head straight for a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. She’s a loving mom and, if she gets her wish one of these days, hopes to be the most amazing grandmother ever.

“Working in the partner channel is so rewarding for me. I admire the partners as entrepreneurs who build their businesses by helping other businesses work better, and I love being able to contribute to that. Every day is an opportunity to learn about all types of people, industries and technologies. There are always new things happening and it’s a pleasure to be part of such an innovative group of people.”

10 Fun Facts you didn’t know about Barb…

  1. Nickname: Barb (It’s short for Barbara so it qualifies as a nickname, right?)
  2. Quote: Carpe Diem!
  3. Vacation: Any place that has mountains
  4. Drink: Sauvignon Blanc
  5. Candy: Chocolate
  6. Food: Mexican
  7. Addictions: My family, gardening, hiking
  8. Bucket List
    • Write a book
    • Visit Iceland and New Zealand
    • Drive across the U.S. (again)
    • Hike the Alps
  9. Favorite Charity: At TPMG, we support Kiva to afford other small entrepreneurial companies like ours the chance to get a ‘leg up’ and succeed.
  10. Weekend Fun: Gardening (I do flowers, my hubby does veggies) and hiking

Custom eBooks Created

Campaign Content Pieces Written

Garden Plants

Hayley McLaughlin

Hayley McLaughlin

Senior Writer

With 4+ years of experience in the Microsoft Dynamics community, Hayley is no stranger to marketing for ISVs and writing about software technology. Whether you need a trendy blog post, thoughtful whitepaper, or moving case study, Hayley’s always ready to start writing and make something great.

More About Hayley: Writer Extraordinaire, Marketing Enthusiast and Avid Reader

When Hayley started college as an English major, she had no idea what she wanted to be when she grew up. All she knew was she wanted to write. While she never expected to end up inmarketing, she’s so glad she did and loves every minute of it. Now with 4+ years experience in the Microsoft Dynamics community and ISV marketing, Hayley spends her days writing about
software technology and her nights writing fantasy. She likes to say it’s the best of both worlds.

Hayley is passionate about every part of the writing process – from the idea to the outline to the final product. She gives 110% to every blog post, case study, social post, or whitepaper she writes and can only hope that her clients and her team love them as much as she does.

When she’s not working, you can find Hayley reading or writing on the couch or out trying new things with her partner and family. She lives with a “carpe diem” and “treat people with kindness” lifestyle and strives to live life to the fullest.

Quick Facts:
1. Nickname: None
2. Quote: “I want to be defined by the things I love. Not the things I hate, or the things I’m afraid of. I just think that you are what you love.” – Taylor Swift
3. Vacation: I’ll take any and every excuse to go to Paris! I’ll also never say no to the beach.
4. Drink: During the day, it’s coffee. After hours, I’ll never turn down a good margarita.
5. Candy: Sour Patch Kids & Kit-Kats (but never at the same time!)
6. Food: Italian. Pasta, pizza, garlic bread, gelato – I love it all!
7. Addictions: Reading, writing, Gilmore Girls, and cats.
8. Bucket list:
○ Pet a kangaroo
○ Ride horseback on the beach
○ See the Northern Lights
9. Favorite charity: Colby’s Crew Rescue (which focuses on saving horses from the slaughter pipeline), and Orphan Kitten Club (rescues, fosters, and adopts out kittens who would usually be considered ‘unadoptable’)
10. Weekend fun: You can usually find me starting (but almost never finishing) some art project or another, reading, writing, or going on adventures with my partner.

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