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Everyone loves a powerful success story! Read how The Partner Marketing Group team has helped software and technology companies grow and succeed with targeted content, multi-channel campaigns, strategic marketing plans and much more. Are you ready to share your own customer successes with the world? We can facilitate the interview, write compelling stories, and design a variety of styles and layouts to complement your branding from traditional PDFs to modern flipbooks to creative infographics.

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Marketing Matters-The Partner Marketing Group

Would you like a marketing partner with decades of experience in your channel and an unparalleled understanding of your products, your business, your markets, and how to showcase your value in creative ways? We become a seamless extension of your team to ensure your marketing is strategic, focused, and consistently aligned to your goals. 

Our marketing and analysis plan created by The Partner Marketing Group is something I feel every partner should invest in. I review the plan and recommendations every day and it has caused us to rethink and refocus our marketing strategy and take a phased approach to get back on track with a clear finish line. I appreciate all the hard work and detailed evaluation. It has allowed us to finally have our marketing organized with a strategic plan that fits our business.
Darren Talley

Vice President, Milestone Information Solutions

Cheryl Salazar and the other Partner Marketing Group Team members are fantastic! Cheryl has become one of my most trusted advisors and has elevated our marketing capabilities to new heights! One thing that differentiates the PMG team is their vast knowledge of the Microsoft Partner ecosystem. From day one, they were able to hit the ground running and implement programs that have transformed our organization. For example, for the first time in our company’s history, we are getting leads from our website. Additionally, with all the recommendations the team has made, they have always had the best interest of Gryphon in mind. I’m so thankful to Cheryl and her team, and I look forward to working with them for many years.
Frank Valdivieso

President & CEO, Gryphon

Working with the Partner Marketing Group has brought our Case Study creation to a better level. It has simplified the  process of obtaining customer success stories, and putting out a clear and concise message of how our consulting engagements have helped our clients.
Tom Rogers

Marketing Manager, Intellitec Solutions

Nolan Business Solutions has been using the Virtual Marketing Director service from The Partner Marketing Group since 2015. With TPMG’s direction, our marketing efforts have grown our pipeline for both our Dynamics and NetSuite business resulting in consistent year over year revenue growth. Our Virtual Marketing Director works with us to identify areas of marketing investment, builds our events presence and works with Microsoft and NetSuite to bring additional marketing opportunities to us. Our partnership with TMPG has contributed to our success over the past 5 years and we consider our Virtual Marketing Director part of our team. 
Patricia Gilbert

General Manager - North America, Nolan Business Solutions

The Partner Marketing Group helped create a marketing plan custom tailored to our needs and desired growth as a business. Once we created a plan, Cheryl and the team have helped us with execution and all the necessary steps to grow our marketing arm. During our marketing implementation they’ve given us the tools and knowledge we need to succeed. As a result of this work, we’ve seen measurable growth and success in our business! We look forward to a strong continuation of our partnership with The Partner Marketing Group and finding new ways to grow and expanding our marketing efforts!
Chris Robbins

Co-Owner & Solutions Architect, Strabo Partners, Inc.

For almost a decade we have had great success working with The Partner Marketing Group. They serve as our Virtual Marketing Director and have created several new pieces of content for us over the years. Our recent investment in their Annual Content Pack has generated more traffic and leads than we ever had. In just the first 7 months of 2020, we added 11 new customers and transitioned 4 existing customers from on-premise applications to cloud-based applications. Our experience and results have been outstanding!
Eric Sheehan

President, OTT, Inc.

Together, we embarked on a 7-month long digital marketing initiative as a result of a Microsoft-funding marketing program. Having had experience navigating Microsoft programs and existing relationships with Microsoft marketing leadership, The Partner Marketing Group was the right selection for us. They empowered our organization to make the most of the tools and assets we already had in place. As a result of our partnership, we have maximized our in-person and digital event communication, fully leveraged our marketing automation tool, and learned new strategies social media visibility. 
Amy Aschenbrenner

Microsoft Partnership Manager, Heartland Business Systems LLC

One of the things I love so much about The Partner Marketing Group is the whole team has taken time to research and educate themselves on our industry and competitors. It’s what sets them apart from anyone else. Their expertise and commitment has helped establish us as subject matter experts in the industry.
Kevin Machayya

Senior Partner Program Manager, WEX Health

TPMG is a real joy to work with! Last year, we embarked on a marketing project with them with two main objectives: reimagine our logo as part of our rebrand from Dynamics Southwest to DSWi, and overhaul our digital assets. We wanted to ensure that our new logo and brand paid homage to our history and values, while also looking modern, vibrant and forward looking. Cheryl and Michelle listened closely to our brand aspirations, delivering a logo that our team, our clients, and our peers have raved about. Earlier this year, we launched our new website with some great copywriting from TPMG. We continue to work with them on an Annual Content Program and are excited about what we can achieve together.
AJ Ansari





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