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Quality Content

Let our creative team of story tellers fuel your content engine and educate, engage, and inspire your audience.

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Marketing Campaigns

From strategy to content to execution, we create targeted campaigns for any market, any purpose, and any channel.

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Planning & Strategy

Our senior level experts are here to help you assess, strategize, build, guide, and execute your marketing plan.

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2021 Technology Marketing Report-The Partner Marketing Group

Social Media

Take advantage of powerful B2B marketing platforms like LinkedIn with our wide range of social solutions.

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Channel Marketing Solutions

Help your partners compete and grow with our personalized channel marketing solutions, programs, and training.

Empower Your Channel

The Solutions Connection

Promote your add-on software solutions for any publisher in our comprehensive, searchable online directory.

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2021 Technology Marketing Report-The Partner Marketing Group
Marketing Matters-The Partner Marketing Group

Download the 2022 Technology Marketing Benchmarks and Trends Report

Get the most focused benchmarks in the industry to help you build a more strategic, competitive marketing plan!

Marketing Matters-The Partner Marketing Group

Channels We Help Grow

Would you like a marketing partner with decades of experience in your channel and an unparalleled understanding of your products, your business, your markets, and how to showcase your value in creative ways? We become a seamless extension of your team to ensure your marketing is strategic, focused, and consistently aligned to your goals.
The Partner Marketing Group is an instrumental part of our content strategy and has helped us increase organic sessions on our site by 68% in the past year. Beyond content, they are a seamless extension of our marketing team who understands our business, our brand, our methodology, and our passion for educating and empowering our customers. They articulate our value as a company and as a Microsoft Partner with ease and consistently deliver unified messaging aligned to our goals.
Amanda Sherry

Director of Marketing, Western Computer

We love working with the Partner Marketing Group because they are friendly professionals with a pool of experienced people that provide us with anything from blogs to infographics and newsletter copy – all in a timely manner.
Marleen De Winter

Director of Marketing, Integrity Data

For almost a decade we have had great success working with The Partner Marketing Group. They serve as our Virtual Marketing Director and have created several new pieces of content for us over the years. Our recent investment in their Annual Content Pack has generated more traffic and leads than we ever had. In just the first 7 months of 2020, we added 11 new customers and transitioned 4 existing customers from on-premise applications to cloud-based applications. Our experience and results have been outstanding!
Eric Sheehan

President, OTT, Inc.

Marketing Matters-The Partner Marketing Group

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2021 Technology Marketing Report-The Partner Marketing Group

Technology Marketing Report

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Marketing Matters-The Partner Marketing Group

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