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By Barbara Pfeiffer, The Partner Marketing Group

Creative Content Distribution Ideas

In my last blog, 3 tasks to keep your marketing content from collecting dust, I talked about the importance of content distribution and promotion and how it’s missing from many marketing plans. I mentioned the lack of ideas as one barrier to efficient distribution. I thought it might be helpful to explore some often overlooked channels and give you 7 creative content distribution ideas!

7 Creative Ideas

  1. Direct Engagement. Does your content refer to other companies, associations or individuals as experts on the topic you’re writing about? Reach out, share your posts or content pieces and let them know you’d appreciate any comments on their social properties.
  2. Social Media (Beyond the Post). All social networks have multiple ways to engage. Take the time to identify the opportunities and build them into your distribution plan. For most B2B marketers, the clear focus is going to be LinkedIn. Your opportunities here (beyond your group or page) include sponsored updates, posting in groups, and “publishing.” If you haven’t already – visit the LinkedIn marketing solutions page for more information on these features.
  3. Re-Package and Extend Your Networks. SlideShare and YouTube are powerful networks for sharing content but they require their own unique formats. As part of your content generation plan consider how you can adapt your pieces to these formats. For example, if you have an eBook on choosing distribution software, can you do a short video with a tip you share from the eBook? Or a series of videos? Make sure you optimize your posts on these channels so they get found.
  4. Local Distribution. Are you targeting a specific geography? Consider the opportunities to publish on local Chamber of Commerce sites, through business associations, and local publications. You’ll need to spend some time reviewing the opportunities, getting an understanding of how you might be able to engage, and then building a relationship. Of course, the key to getting published through these channels is valuable content.  A blog about a software release won’t cut it here.
  5. Digital / Social Advertising. A broad category that includes Pay-Per-Click (PPC), re-marketing display ads and social media advertising. If paid distribution is not a part of your content distribution strategy, why not consider testing it?
  6. Sponsored Distribution. Another “paid” category, sponsored distribution is working with third parties (typically online publishers) to send out your content to their list.  An example would be sending out your eBook on What Every Distributor Needs to Know About Enterprise Resource Planning to the Modern Distribution Management database. These tactics work best when they are part of an integrated, multi-touch strategy so take the time to explore all the options and map out a plan.
  7. Employee Distribution. What’s your internal distribution plan and what role do your employees play? Does your sales team know about it? Do they have emails they can use to distribute to prospects they are working with? Is it part of everyone’s email signature? Employees are a great FREE distribution channel. Make sure you equip them with the tools they need and you should see great results.

You probably won’t be able to incorporate all of these into your content promotion plan but use this list to help spark some new ideas and gradually add channels as you can. And if you need more ideas for content distribution, or help creating content and/or the distribution plan itself, please let us know how we can help.

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