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With the cancellation of many in-person events, we find ourselves looking for ways to connect with our clients, prospects, colleagues and publishers. For the foreseeable future, we are going to have to pivot and host as well as attend webinars and virtual events.

Here are this week’s Marketing Matters questions around this shift:

Q: Should I consider a virtual conference?

A: Virtual conferences are THE thing to do right now. Consider doing something in the next two to three months and avoid the summer months if you can. Fall is also going to be a busy time for virtual conferences. Publishers such as Microsoft and NetSuite are looking to do their large virtual conferences during July and August and there are only so many days customers and partners will want to sit through endless presentations.

Instead of a full-day conference, you could split it into two days with 2-3 hours of sessions per day. Be sure to allow for short breaks as well as time for live Q&A. This gives clients, prospects and partners time to still focus on their businesses while at the same time getting the knowledge they need.

Q: How can I cut through the webinar clutter?

A: Standing out in a crowded webinar field still requires the basics: high-quality content with a solid demand generation plan and post-event plan. Check out 7 Steps to Make Your Webinars Superstar Performers to get started.

What HAS changed is the economic impact your target market may be dealing with. Think about how you can shift your message from “want” to “need.” You’ll also want to make sure you are educating and nurturing with your content. With few exceptions, this is not the time for a hard sale. Your solution and the industry you are targeting will drive how much of a pivot you will need to make. For example, someone selling virtual workspace solutions will have an interested and engaged market – and can use that to share best practices and tips on working virtually. If you’re selling an ERP solution, you may need to focus less on an immediate short-term sale and more on educational webinars that discuss how they can manage their finances in a down economy. Be there for your prospects now and they will remember you later.

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