Lead generation is often the #1 marketing goal for software and technology companies. It’s also the most difficult goal to maintain. Every year, audiences change, trends shift, and marketers are left to find something new to say or something shiny to catch the attention of their prospects. As many experienced marketers know, lead generation is both a science and an art, and it has to be done methodically.  

We all know the basics about lead generation. One of the best practices to effectively tracking leads is remaining closely aligned with the sales team to determine what you have and what you need in order to keep track of every track of your funnel. In addition, we all know that focusing on quality over quantity leads to an improved conversion rate. 

However, in this day and age, B2B buyers do approximately 90% of their buying journey before reaching out. We can no longer rely on people just showing up at the door. As marketers, we must search for our own leads and, as years pass and our audience becomes more and more digital, put more effort into finding them. 

Here are a few tips and tricks for lead generation. Take a look and see if your marketing efforts align, or if there’s something new you should be trying! 

Don’t Underestimate SEO/SEM 

If your buyers are doing the majority of their research before engaging with you, they’re likely going to their favorite search engine and typing in a few keywords. From there, they’ll click through a few of the top results, possibly check out those company’s social media pages, or download some relevant content. 

This is why it’s absolutely critical to maintain your website’s SEO. By doing things like improving your landing pages, evaluating high and low-performing keywords, and adding negative keywords, you could make your website more accessible to your buyers.  

Overall, your SEO efforts can help reduce the cost associated with conversions by driving more people to your website organically.  

Connect To Your Audience 

In a marketplace that’s increasingly digital, it’s crucial to stand out. One of the ways to do that is to continuously find new ways to connect with your audience.  

Can you connect what people are talking about in popular culture to your campaigns? If your campaigns are seasonal, can you add a little summer fun or holly jolly messaging? If you can keep your content purposeful and informative, but also exciting and eye-catching, you’re more likely to maintain your audience’s attention and eventually get that much-anticipated conversion.  

Do What Works For You! 

Don’t forget: lead generation is not necessarily linear. Just because you attribute someone coming to you at an event doesn’t mean they haven’t seen your website, or researched you before, or know who you are. That’s simply the point they’re willing to connect with you. 

This is why things like SEO and audience visibility are so important. The more you stay in front of your audience in a variety of ways, the more successful your lead generation will be. 


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