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Do you use marketing strategies in your business? Do you still have items on your bucket list? Bucket lists have become that catch all list for things you’ve always wanted to do but never had time or money to do it. Some people have 50 things on it and check them off one by one and others add/subtract from theirs as time and ability changes. I tend to work on a quarterly bucket list of things I’m going to try and get done and usually manage to get one or two done – whether it’s signing up for a new race or cleaning out the closets (which incidentally never stay ‘cleaned out’) … It doesn’t sound like a big goal but over time I can reflect back on my achievements – living with less clutter or maybe feeling fitter.

Pick The Best Marketing Strategies

So it is with marketing too. It is better to do two things well than to have a growing list of ‘nice to have’ things on your bucket list. Whether your goal is to add a case study a quarter and do social media every week, these efforts will add up over time and build your authority in the marketplace. After a year’s worth of effort you can reflect back and think WOW – 4 new case studies and 52 Social media blurbs, THAT is quite an achievement. THAT is something a search engine can work with to drive inbound leads to your organization.

Marketing Bucket List

Having 2 things on your marketing bucket list probably doesn’t make the grade with your boss though. The first thing you need to do is hone down your list so you can focus on what drives your leads, prioritize it, delegate it and get it done! Remember we have your back and stand ready to drive your success. For marketing tips, visit, or opt into our monthly newsletter by texting the letters TPMG to 22828.

By Cheryl Salazar, Virtual Marketing Director at The Partner Marketing Group

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