Drive Traffic to Your Booth

By Cheryl Strege, The Partner Marketing Group

As part of any event plan you should always consider how you are going to drive traffic to your booth. Perhaps your budget isn’t large enough for you to have the largest and most prominent booth, or you were too late selecting your booth and you’re stuck in the dark back corner crying ‘woe is me’. Well, here’s an idea that might freshen things up for your prospects, your customers and if you’re an ISV, your partner audience.

I call it the ‘Bio Snippet Email’ – short, interesting, hopefully humorous email snippets you can use to drive awareness of your company, your booth, and the people who are required to man it. Let’s face it – not only does the booth staff need free food, drink and a cushy carpet, they can use all the awareness in the world. They have a tough job!

With some poetic license, I’m going to use my colleagues as an example – most of this is fictitious but there may be a small element of truth in every one of these. The concept is to send out a short weekly email prior to the event to…

  • reinforce your brand
  • educate your prospective visitors about you
  • introduce them to your team, and
  • tell them where to find you on the vast tradeshow floor.

For example…

Partner Email 1: Meet Cheryl, our Marketing Guru in Booth #25

Cheryl SalazarCheryl Salazar, the marketing guru at ‘Distributors are Us’, will be in Booth 25 on Monday, March 16th. All you resellers, bring your marketing questions to Cheryl and tell her exactly what you need from us and find out what she can do for you. She’s the one who’s going to be responsible for all that social ‘stuff’ we have to do. Have a question in the meantime? Call her right now at 555-555-5555.

Partner Email 2: Introducing Barb, a reseller’s best friend

Barbara PfeifferBarb is our secret weapon when it comes to resellers looking to work with us and our ISV products. If you have questions about how we work with partners, or you want to sign up as part of our partner program, speak to her. In fact, call her now at 555-555-5555 so you can spend the time at our booth getting all your other questions taken care of.

Customer / Prospect Email 1: Michelle, our product whiz kid is on standby for your questions

Michelle GlennnieMichelle Glennie is our product whiz kid. She built our products from the ground up and has worked with distribution customers for 25 years. She can answer just about any question you may have regarding our product’s features/ functionality/versions etc. It’ll make your eyes boggle! Compile your questions and pay her a visit. If you like, you can email her right now at and save yourself some time.

Customer / Prospect Email 2: Cheryl, the most customer friendly person you’ll ever meet

Cheryl StregeCheryl Strege (wo)mans our support desk for a reason. She fields questions from resellers and clients all day, every day. She loves it! She’ll be in our booth day after day ready to answer questions for you or for your customers. Have a question right now? Contact her at 555-555-5555.


Email 3 for both Partners/Customers/Prospects: See you at Booth #25 Microsoft Convergence

Drive Traffic to Your Booth - our people graphicAt ‘Distributors are Us’, we believe that life is way too short not to have fun. So much so that our whole team will be at Convergence in full force. Look for us in booth #25 where we’ll all be sporting bright blue shirts and giving you as much time as you need.


Tradeshows can be exhausting but there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be fun! Stick your neck out and do something different – and then don’t forget to tell us at The Partner Marketing Group what the outcome was.

On that note Michelle, Cheryl and Cheryl (yes we know it’s confusing) are excited to see you at Microsoft Convergence again this year.

Written by Cheryl Salazar

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