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Are you looking for a searchable ERP/CRM software add-on directory for publishers and integrations?

Whether you are listing and promoting ERP/CRM software add-ons —or searching for the right add-on for your business—it can be pretty overwhelming. There are different directories for different add-on solutions. And many ERP publishers have developed their own directories to help promote software products from their partners and ISVs. Who can blame them? Finding the right software add-on solutions to complete an ERP/CRM system can be a pain.

How do I know?

I’ve worked on various ISV marketing programs during my time with Great Plains Software, Microsoft, The Partner Channel, and Dynamic Communities. I understand the value of having a centralized listing/directory of products for partners, as well as end-users, to find that perfect add-on.

The Passion Behind The Solutions Connection

While there isn’t a special sauce or a magic bullet that guarantees the instant leads or awareness ISVs may want, having a cost-effective means of sharing your solutions with the world shouldn’t be too much to ask.

As a trusted marketing partner for the technology channel, The Partner Marketing Group wanted to create a solution to solve this problem for partners, ISVs and end-users. We developed The Solutions Connection to provide ONE consolidated and simple search tool that eliminates the time-consuming task of scouring multiple directories to find add-on software solutions.

What makes The Solutions Connection unique?

As we planned The Solutions Connection, there were a few must-haves to make it truly valuable for you.

  • One spot to search add-ons for any ERP/CRM/Software publisher
  • Filters by keyword(s), multiple business needs, software integrations, and/or industries
  • Fast and easy to use without a bunch of clutter
  • Affordable listing options

The best part? The Solutions Connection is marketed by a team of professionals who are in the business of marketing technology. Not only did we build it, we get you in front of the people looking for your solutions.

How can you get your add-ons listed in The Solutions Connection Software Directory?

ISVs can indicate multiple ERP/CRM publishers their solutions work with, eliminating the need to participate in and manage their information across multiple directories – a job in itself. Your information goes live within a day or two of being submitted and approved.

If you’re an ISV looking for an affordable way to promote your add-on solutions for one or multiple ERP/CRM publishers, sign up on The Solutions Connection today or contact us for more information and instructions on how to get your listing started.

How do you start a search on the software directory?

If you’re a user looking for an add-on solution to enhance your ERP, CRM, or other software system, you can start searching in just a few seconds! Partners, The Solutions Connection is an excellent tool for you to find add-on solutions for your customers and build partnerships that will help you extend your offerings and grow your business. Keep checking back because we are adding companies and solutions every day!

Be sure to follow The Solutions Connection on LinkedIn and Twitter for the latest updates and news.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions on ways we can make The Solutions Connection the most valuable add-on software search tool for you.

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