Microsoft Pinpoint vs Dynamics Marketplace

Recently we had a team discussion and both Microsoft Pinpoint and the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace were brought up. We realized that we couldn’t easily explain amongst ourselves how they were different or related. That piqued my interest about the how they operated. After doing some digging, I was surprised to find that they are related.

Microsoft Pinpoint

Microsoft launched Pinpoint in 2008 as a way for Microsoft Partners to list the software applications and services they provided. This continues to serve as a convenient platform for customers to search for solutions from Independent Software Vendors (ISV) and professional services related to the Microsoft. At the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2010, the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace was announced as a place for Microsoft Partners to promote and sell their software specifically related to Microsoft Dynamics Products.


So at this point you may be thinking “I still don’t see how they are related”. Behind the scenes, the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace is powered by Microsoft Pinpoint. The benefit of this is that Partners who meet the criteria for the marketplace and have listed their products and services are also visible in Pinpoint. In addition to the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace, there are several other offerings for partners who may have other products and services not related to Microsoft Dynamics. Here is a quick list of the other marketing places with brief summaries from each of their ‘about’ sections.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace

The Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace is specifically designed to help; business customers find trusted Microsoft Dynamics experts, and applications and services that enhance and easily integrate with Microsoft Dynamics products.

Microsoft Office 365 Marketplace

This is the marketplace for your applications and services that enhance the Office 365 suite of products and next-generation communications and collaboration services like Exchange Online, Lync, Office 2010 and SharePoint Online.

microsoft system center

Microsoft System Center Marketplace

The Microsoft System Center Marketplace is specifically designed to help business customers find trusted Microsoft System Center experts, and applications and services that enhance and easily integrate with Microsoft System Center products.

windows server marketplace

Windows Server Marketplace

The Windows Server Marketplace is a comprehensive directory of trusted Microsoft Windows Server 2012 professionals and their software applications designed to enhance your productivity.

windows azure

Windows Azure Marketplace

The Windows Azure™ Marketplace is an online market buying, and selling finished Software as a Service (SaaS) applications and premium datasets. The Windows Azure Marketplace helps connect companies seeking innovative cloud based solutions with partners who have developed solutions that are ready to use.

Microsoft Partner Center

Each marketplace has its own criteria for who can publish in each of the respective directories. If you want to find out more about the individual publishing requirements, you can visit the Partner Center section of each marketplace. The link to partner center is located in the top banner on the right-hand side. The only exception to this is the Azure marketplace which is listed under publishing in the top menu.

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By Andrew Glennie, Project Manager at The Partner Marketing Group

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