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Written by: Michelle Etherton, The Partner Marketing Group

5 Top Technology Marketing Trends Finding statistics, research, and best practices specific to technology marketing can be difficult. What are other technology companies like yours doing to succeed? What sets them apart?

It’s easy to get answers with our 2019 Technology Marketing Benchmarks and Trends Report, created especially for marketers in one of the most competitive industries. Find the crucial information you need—trends, tips and benchmarks—to grow your business!

We gathered insight from a targeted group of over 100 software and technology partners, service providers, ISVs and application developers across the globe to help you build your marketing plan and strategize for the future. The report covers a wide range of topics like marketing operations and budgets, nurture marketing, lead generation, social media, outsourcing, and more, all from your peers.

The report is packed with valuable information, but here are a few of the biggest standouts for our team.

1. Busted Budgets

Half of technology marketers reported receiving between 1-5% of the company’s gross revenue for their budget but, according to The 2018 CMO Survey by Deloitte, most CMOs claim to spend an average of 7.3% of the firm’s revenue. That could mean a discrepancy of up to 6% for technology marketers, leaving a huge gap between what marketers get and what they actually need to be successful.Marketing Budget Graph


2. What’s the Plan?

Well…according to over ⅓ of respondents from the survey, there is none. A shocking 38% of technology marketers reported having no formal marketing plan in place! Failing to produce a marketing plan can be detrimental; if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Struggling to put together a comprehensive plan? A trusted marketing partner can provide an objective assessment and plan to maximize your content and resources, while also being easy to manage and execute on your own.

Marketing Plan Survey Results

3. Social, Social, Social

Similar to “location, location, location” in real estate, social media is key in successful technology marketing. At the top of the list, by a stiflingly wide margin, is LinkedIn (to no one’s surprise) with 94% of marketers saying LinkedIn is their most active social media site, with Twitter far behind at 73%. LinkedIn’s giant presence in B2B marketing is why we created packages specifically for LinkedIn to help technology marketers master this powerful sales and marketing platform.

Effective Social Networks

4. Nurturing Doesn’t Come Naturally

Nurture marketing is historically challenging for technology marketers (learn more on how to use nurture marketing effectively in our blog series). It’s an important part of any marketing strategy, yet 54% of respondents say they don’t have a nurture marketing plan. Why? Their top challenges were a lack of resources and budget, but over 50% said they aren’t nurturing because they simply lack the knowledge. Of those who do nurture, 46% reported having no regular rhythm to their touches—meaning many technology marketers are likely seeing poor results.

Nurture Marketing Target Audiences

5. Insourcing is Out, Outsourcing is In

Lack of time and resources are the biggest challenges for technology marketers year after year, yet many of those respondents are still attempting to do all of their marketing in-house. 75% of respondents outsource some parts of their strategy, with content development and graphic design topping the list of outsourced items. It’s rarely possible for marketers to be effective in every role necessary for executing a successful, consistent marketing strategy. Outsourcing should become a staple for most technology marketing teams. Maybe that’s why 36% plan to outsource more in 2019.

Technology Marketing Graph

We encourage every technology marketer to download the full report and use the information to build a targeted, competitive marketing strategy.

Interested in how this list compares to the trends of 2018? Read our overview of the top trends for 2018.

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