Event strategy is about more than just showing up, staffing a booth, presenting a session, and going home. What you do with your leads before, during, and after the event is critical to the event ROI and getting the most out of your investment.  

Before the event, you should promote your presence and/or sponsorship. You can do this by emailing relevant leads already in your system and posting on social media, including sharing posts from the event hosts.  

During the event, we highly recommend utilizing social media to its full advantage. First, because not everyone is there, and second because you never know who may check—it could be just in time to catch your session or come visit you at your booth.  

After the event, you should utilize an email campaign for all the new leads and connections you collected.  

Let’s dig into social media and email event strategy in more depth. 

Social Media for Event Promotion 

Everyone has social media, yes, including the software and technology professionals at industry events. Because of this, promoting your presence before and during the event is critical. 

Before the event, you can share posts from the event hosts, as well as regularly post about how excited you are to be attending the event. Post about where people can find you. Where is your booth? What time is your session? Will you be attending the after-party?  

During the event, challenge your team to post about the event. Take pictures with your team, your clients. Take a quick video letting your connections know you’re on your way to present your session (tell them how awesome it’s going to be!). Tell people what sessions you loved, your favorite parts of the opening reception, and more. The more people on your team posting, the more visibility you’ll have as a whole—and the more successful your social campaign will be.  

Email Promotion for Events 

Email is not dead! It’s one of the most valuable ways to connect with your event audience, particularly as a follow-up campaign to the leads collected during an event.  

Here are a few ideas for emails you can send post-conference: 

  • Event Recap – Share your insights, a summary of key sessions, and remind them how you connected. Send this email in the days after the conference, keep it short and sweet! 
  • Value-Added Content – No one wants to be aggressively sold to immediately after an event. Use emails like these to promote yourself as a thought leader and industry expert, including things like videos, case studies, or whitepapers. 
  • Invitation – Invite your recipients to learn more about you and your products. A webinar is a great way to do this. Send this after you’ve provided some value-added content.  

Remember to maintain a balance between staying engaged and not overwhelming your audience. They’re likely receiving emails from other companies they connected with as well, so it’s important to be patient and not send anything too quickly. Event follow-up can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on the audience.  


To get the most out of the events you choose to sponsor or attend, you have to do more than just show up. The most successful events are accompanied by a full-fledged promotional campaign, which takes place before, during, and (most importantly) after the event.  

Utilizing social media and email are two ways to make the most out of your event, though there are certainly many others. We hope you’ve gained some ideas for what to include during your next event campaign.  

Interested in learning more about event strategy and best practices? Check out this blog.

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