ROI and Social Media Marketing

By Cheryl Strege, The Partner Marketing Group

ROI and social media, are you having trouble connecting the dots? Recently, I attended an on-demand webcast a couple of weeks ago about Connecting the Dots to ROI and learned some valuable stuff. The main challenge with social media (I think you and I can both agree) is tracking the ROI. One huge way you can increase ROI as well as improve the tracking around your social media efforts is by connecting it with other areas of marketing activity. Here are five of my favorite tips from the webcast on how to connect the dots…

Connecting the Dots

  1. Social for growing email lists. Create contact capture forms on your Facebook and Twitter pages that grab email information to grow your email marketing list.
  2. Email for growing fans. Offer deals within email messages to grow your fan base on Twitter and Facebook.
  3. Cross channel: Create an Email, Twitter, and Facebook campaign. Companies that have tried this have seen 3x list growth and 5x social growth.
  4. **Social for Customer Insights: Use social media to test subject lines to email messages or overall campaign ideas. Social media is the ultimate litmus test for marketing.
  5. Social for One-to-One: Use social media as another avenue for customer support. By answering questions where everyone can see the answers gives you more exposure and informs your audience in a non-threatening way.

Have More Questions on ROI and Social Media?

If you have any questions about how to connect the dots with Email, Facebook, and Twitter, please feel free to contact us for more information. Our services here at The Partner Marketing Group help these marketing pieces fit together more seamlessly.

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