By Cheryl Salazar, The Partner Marketing Group

Business Marketing Tips for Every Business to Use!

The team at The Partner Marketing Group is often invited to present a very interactive, fast paced ’50 tips in 50 minutes’ session at events. Michelle Glennie and I had the opportunity to present once again at The Partner Event and wanted to share 5 of these tips with you:

Business Marketing Tips:

  1. With all the hype about Social Media there is often a question about what the best time is to post your social updates. The rule of thumb is to Tweet during the day and post to Facebook at night. In a new study from Buddy Media, posting tweets during business hours (8am – 7pm) got 30% more clicks. Facebook posts saw a 17% increase during non-business hours; and this applies to weekends too.
  2. Did you know that according to Hubspot, 44% of marketers acquired customers from Twitter. If you’re not sure how you should be using Twitter or the value of using Twitter in your demand generation efforts, you can find more information on how to use this social forum on or Both of these are great resources for you to expand your knowledge.
  3. Many of us like to start our morning catching up on the news – be it on television or via the newspaper. It appears that the most emails get read early in the morning or later at night. It may behoove you to schedule your email blasts during those times so you can take advantage of the highest click through rates before the busy work day starts. Guess what, the same applies to blogging. Post your blog before 10am which is when blog reading peaks (Hubspot, The Science of Blogging 2010).
  4. Recently Cheryl Strege, President of the Partner Marketing Group, had the misfortune of breaking her wrist. Being left handed, a climber and a prolific writer the inability to do what she loves best had her very frustrated. To get past some of this frustration, she used Dragon Dictation to transcribe her voice into words versus doing an exhaustive ‘hunt and peck’ on the keyboard with her right hand. We have discovered that this tool is a great way for our clients to capture client testimonials on the fly, get past writer’s block (nobody ever has ‘speaker’s block’) and capture thoughts that can be used as blog topics. Unfortunately though this tool just couldn’t help Cheryl out with her climbing!
  5. Gone are the days when prospects will sit down and read endless pages of technical text. Perk up your whitepapers, your blogs and your website with photographs. This is fondly known as the ‘Pinterest effect’. People are tending to be more visual and reading less and by creating more visual interest with your text and your collateral you will keep prospects on your website longer. Another way to achieve this is by creating an infographic that will help your organization stand out. You will get you point across and create a lasting impression with prospects.

Tips for the Future

We finished out our session by inviting the audience to participate and share their favorite marketing tips. It was very rewarding to see partners share their experiences and their favorite marketing tips.

We’ll save those for another blog. If you would like to see the rest of the tips and the presentations of our other sessions, be sure to visit our Greenhouse where we post our marketing presentations.

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