Marketing Automation: All From the Shores of Lake Tahoemarketing automation

As I am sitting here on the beautiful shores of Lake Tahoe, I can’t help but think about marketing automation and how great these tools are! Especially as I sit here on vacation in the crisp California mountains…are you envious? Here I am sitting on a beach, enjoying some wonderful Northern California sunshine and the pristine waters of Lake Tahoe. How does she do it, you may wonder?

Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing automation tools are wonderful things. Whether you need to automate your social media with tools such as Butterfly Publisher or your marketing with tools such as Pardot, Click Dimensions or others, you ensure that marketing messages are going out the door while you explore the world around you – whether you climb mountains or enjoy sunny beaches wherever you are in the world.

With Butterfly Publisher you can create, curate and publish social content to your networks or ensure that all important nurture touch gets out the door – the newsletter. Once you’ve created your post, you can schedule it to arrive in your recipient’s inbox while you enjoy your favorite activity. Now, isn’t that efficiency for you?

Have you invested in Automation Tools?

Almost all of my marketing consulting clients have invested in marketing automation tools to ensure emails and nurture touches are going out the door consistently. By utilizing the data we collect in these tools we gain insight into what works, what doesn’t and where we should focus. We use that insight to improve and optimize marketing strategies and focus on areas of growth.

What’s Next?

Next up … the editorial calendar. We’ll focus on how you get started so you can make use of that marketing automation tool. This blog may come too late to help you this summer … but by Thanksgiving you’ll be taking that well-earned trip to Hawaii.

Until then, the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign is on my door while I bury my nose in my summer time reading and soak up the crisp Lake Tahoe air!

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