SEO Content: 8 Questions to Ask About Your Content

By Cheryl Salazar, The Partner Marketing Group

In our business at The Partner Marketing Group, we spend a lot of time talking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content:

  • the best way to go about it,
  • who to work with,
  • how it changes
  • and who is getting the best results.

This article from Entrepreneur magazine provides a great overview of what to watch out for when it comes to Search Engine Optimization

This is the one area of your marketing that requires focus, commitment and dedication and you may find it daunting. Start by looking at your relevant SEO content and content.

It’s human nature to want to read something new and interesting. That’s how we learn and how we stay engaged. There is nothing worse than visiting a website that never changes. Your website is your calling card, and it’s your chance, maybe your only chance, to make a good impression on a potential prospect. It’s important that you pay it a lot of attention.  Think of it as a child, neglect it and it won’t thrive and nor will your business.

How do you go about finding the content you need? Ask yourself these eight questions, and you’ll get a much better idea…

  1. When last did you update your web pages and does the navigation still make sense?
  2. Can you rewrite the pages in a way that at least 50% of the content is fresh?
  3. Do you have relevant content that you can link to? Most vendors have a repository of whitepapers you can use on your website as a call to action.
  4. What are your keywords? Is your text stuffed with them? If so, rewrite it, mentioning your keywords no more than 3 times.
  5. Is your grammar good? Are your words spelled correctly and is it easy to read?
  6. Are the links logical? Keep them at the end of sentences and paragraphs so you don’t lose your readers early.
  7. Are the pages you have at least 250 words long. Any shorter than this, it is assumed you don’t know your product well enough to talk about it and your credibility is questioned.
  8. Does your website reflect your personality? Adding personality to your website draws readers in. People don’t buy from search engines, they buy from people so use this as a platform to offer advice based on your experience, have an opinion and tell people about it!

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