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By Michelle Glennie, The Partner Marketing Group

As a full-time marketer, I like to think I’m fairly savvy when it comes to social networking sites and try to have experience in the main ones out there today. One of these sites was According to Wikipedia, was a business focused social networking platform and source of technology expertise. By September 2010, it comprised over 850,000 Members and 5,000 business experts.

Then one day in September 2012, when I wanted to check out the resources on the site, it was gone. To my surprise, had disappeared! With the type of numbers had, I was stunned to find they could totally delete the site. Now there are a lot of social networking sites out there today that you may not even know exist, such as Squidoo or Ziggs, but there are a few that you can be sure will stay around for a long time to come. Here’s my list of ‘must have’ social networking sites:

The Best Social Media Networking Sites to Use

  1. LinkedIn is great for B2B marketing. It is a hub of information and it’s easy to find connections through other connections. You can belong to groups, check in to a person’s expertise, all while in a professional setting.
  2. Facebook is getting better with every update they make (and they make them often) for B2B marketing, but it is still very B2C marketing focused. It is also a way to add that personal touch to your business and have people get to know you on a more personal level.
  3. Twitter is often referred to as information overload, but when used right it can be a valuable tool to connect with your prospects and clients. It’s also fairly easy to search on specific keywords or hash tags by using

Need More?

I always go by the rule of thumb that it’s not necessarily beneficial to be on every social networking site, rather it’s important to do the big ones right- quality over quantity. For more marketing tips, visit, or opt into our monthly newsletter by texting the letters TPMG to 22828.

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