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Today’s younger generations probably have little idea what I mean when I refer to ‘using Times Roman’, the one and only font choice we had for a very long time. It always reminds me of how unsophisticated, technology speaking, we used to be. Fortunately we have much more choice now to write attractive emails and include graphics to make them more interesting using HTML. But have you taken notice of your email open rates?

Try this little experiment in your next outbound communication.

A/B Test Your Emails

Option A – the HTML email

Your beautiful HTML email with its attractive banner, ‘download now’ buttons, etc. which you’ve spent a good amount of time formatting (depending on the email product you are using), often does not display correctly or requires graphics to be downloaded before it renders properly.  Graphics can help you build brand and logo recognition but does it help you make sales?

Option B – the Times New Roman email

I am by no means suggesting you write your emails in Times Roman (how does that font always pop up in the list?). What I’m referring to is leaving the new-fangled pretty emails for another day and doing something different. Try sending the same content you’d send in your HTML email but in a simple text format. That is with no pictures, no sophisticated formatting. Just words. Keep them friendly and polite and sign them personally.

What you’ll often find is that that simple email that uses no pictures and looks like its been personally addressed makes its way through the spam filters into inboxes where it’s clicked on and read. These emails are often much more effective when you’re trying to appeal directly to an individual vs sending a broad email communication to prospect list.

Fonts to Use in Marketing: Trying Times New Roman

Go on, give it a try and measure the effectiveness of both mechanisms. Then you’ll know what to do the second time around. Next up…personalization and email.

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