With the technology marketing landscape becoming more and more competitive, it’s important to get the most powerful message to your customers and prospects in the most efficient way. That’s why it’s critical to regularly review your marketing campaigns to make sure they are always the best and most powerful versions of themselves.  

Here at The Partner Marketing Group, we recommend revising your marketing campaigns at least once a year. However, if you have the capacity, reviewing them quarterly is the most ideal. Revising marketing plans quarterly will allow you to analyze your efforts not only on year-over-year data, but also on quarterly performance. After all, trends change so quickly! 

Why you should regularly review your marketing campaigns: 

  • Quickly determine what’s working and what’s not, allowing you to double down on effective content and either retire or revamp ineffective content 
  • Identify which kinds of campaigns work for certain audiences or during certain time frames throughout the year 
  • Continually ensure your objectives, target demographics, market research, and market activities still fit your company goals 

Now that we’ve determined why regularly reviewing your campaigns is important, let’s talk a little about what you should be looking for.  

Things to Consider When Reviewing Your Campaigns

From email open and click rates to social media engagement, there are many measurements to success for marketing campaigns. Ask yourself these questions when it’s time to review: 

  1. Is your audience engaging with the messaging? Are they opening emails? Are they clicking to learn more on your landing page? How long are they staying on your website? 
  2. Secondary to this, are you still catering to the correct audience? Regularly reevaluating who your audience is and how they’re consuming their media – whether it be mobile apps and social media to desktop and direct mail – is crucial.  
  3. Is the campaign reaching the goals you set for it? Whether these are new leads generated, customer retention, or brand awareness, it’s important to keep track of these. If your campaign is falling behind, it’s time to review the content and strategy. Can you revamp it into something else, or do you need something entirely new? 

If you need help taking your marketing campaigns to the next level, The Partner Marketing Group can help you identify the parts of your campaigns that could be optimized for additional traction with your prospects. With a comprehensive campaign assessment, we can help you identify the parts of your campaigns that are working, and what needs adjustments.  

We offer two campaign assessment programs: 

  • Campaign Refresh – Guidance on how you can reuse and recycle previous campaigns with new messaging. 
  • New Campaign Review – Detailed review of campaign details and structure to help you reach your goals. 

When you’re ready, visit https://thepartnermarketinggroup.com/contact/ or email info@thepartnermarketinggroup.com to start the conversation. 

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