Blog ideas_5So…you’re on point at your firm to write a blog and you don’t know where to start. This is a common problem with most of us. We seem to do fine when talking to friends, ourselves, and our prospects but when it comes to putting those same words on paper the brain freeze pops out of nowhere and you are faced with that all too familiar blank white page wondering what to do.

Here are some solutions for you…

  1. Spend a morning with the support person in your company. Believe me, that person can give you at least 10 blog topics right off the bat. Every single question they are asked is a potential blog topic. Listen to their answer, jot it down, clean it up and hey presto, blog is DONE!
  2. Take your sales person out for coffee and interview them. Sales people, if my husband is any example, love to talk – a LOT. Ask them to document the questions they are asked by their prospects, then ask them for their answer. Guess what, blog is DONE!
  3. Visit bulletin boards or your LinkedIn group and read the questions people are asking. If you have a solution that is a good fit, write down the words and before you know it you’re DONE!
  4. If you are really at a loss for words, you can resort to a fun tool called Idea Generator. You can use this tool for a constant source of inspiration such as, ‘3 things you’d never tell your mother In law about ERP’. Now that is certainly a title I’d click on for sure.

Next up in the series is…blogging on vacation

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