A Better Way to Share Product Tips and TricksShare Product Tips in Newsletter

By Barbara Pfeiffer, The Partner Marketing Group

In my last blog post, Newsletters 101: Back to the Basics, we addressed the purpose of a newsletter, what makes it valuable, and whether you should even have one. One thing I didn’t address there (and a particular pet peeve of mine) is the overabundance of product content in many software reseller newsletters. If your company is indeed guilty as charged, you’re not alone.

Should you share product tips and tricks in your newsletter?

As part of your customer newsletter, yes, it’s fine. But as a prospect – do I want to receive tips and tricks for the software you’re selling? If I came to your website looking for a new solution to manage my business information, then NO. And in fact, sending me updates on all the patches being published is probably not a good or effective sales tactic.

On the other hand, if I already have the software and am considering a new partner, this type of information is appealing and can highlight your expertise.

How can you share product tips more effectively?

Ideally, you have some background intelligence about your prospects in your database. Many resellers don’t, so every bit of information ends up in the same generic newsletter in hopes that some of it is relevant to the people who are receiving it.

There is a Better Way

That content you’re assembling, those tips you have, and the product patches are all really valuable – but to a very specific segment of your database. Rather than include it in all your “touches,” pull it out into a stand-alone piece (we’ll just call it your Tech Tips newsletter).

Send that to your existing customers (who do need that information) but go a step further and post a sign-up for your new Tech Tips newsletter on your website. Include a sign up in your current newsletter, too. Let your readers know you’re doing this to make it easier for them to get the information they need.

Two big side benefits from this strategy? You now know the people that are signing up probably DO have the software you’re sending information on (so you can better target them with future offers) and you have a new call to action for your website!

Here’s another quick tip: Check out ContentMX to make creating and publishing relevant newsletters for your prospects and customers easy and effective.

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