Differentiation, Wow Your Prospects by Doing Something DifferentDifferentiation

By Cheryl Salazar, The Partner Marketing Group

Differentiation, we’ve talked about but, do you have it? Remember the direct mail piece? The mail service loved us- they drove us crazy as they dumped more and more in the mailbox. More often than not they ended up in the recycling bin. We all switched over to the new fad – receiving our data electronically, picking and choosing what we wanted to read and attend … and now we’re overwhelmed by electronically delivered information and we often ignore the endless news feeds, online ads etc. Now we tend to lean on recommendations or referrals from colleagues, friends and peers more than anything else.

The time has definitely come to rethink the direct mail piece – definitely something Canadian resellers should think about with their very stringent Anti-Spam laws that kicked in on July 1, 2014.

Differentiation and The Oversized Postcard

Instead of trying to stuff words on a standard sized postcard, consider something a little larger that will stand out in the mail pile. Think about what would appeal to you – what would make you pick up that postcard and read it? Be short, concise and explain your value in a few bullet points, include your contact details, your website url and include any accredited logos (your reseller logo for example).

It is often easier to consume information visually than reading something with many words. Utilize images that are geared toward your prospect. They will self-identify with it and then read what you have to say. Make sure that the url you include provides them with a place to obtain more information about your solution.

If you’ve created an infographic that explains the solution you have for your prospects, consider making a smaller version of it that would fit on an oversized postcard. Take just the most important points you’re trying to get across and print them front and back. You can add a label that is easy to peel off without destroying the text itself. This same postcard can also be used at your next event as a handout.

The Lumpy Mailer

This is an oft-neglected tactic. You may have been spending a lot of time trying to reach certain prospects and cannot make any headway in reaching them.  Just like that unexpected gift you may receive, the unknown in that lumpy mailer is sure to create interest and raise a question in the mind of your prospect. What is it? Who sent it to me? Just by answering those two questions, the lumpy mailer will help you break through the noise. If you’re sending your lumpy mailer to someone in the automobile industry and you’ve sent them a toy car, there is an immediate connection with them. And it’s much more immediate than the anonymous email that’ll be deleted. By including a cover letter or your oversized postcard, you’ve also provided the prospect with a place to learn more about what you have to offer.

Because lumpy mailers tend to be more costly than regular marketing methods, reserve this one for the extra special prospects you are really trying to reach. Make the investment; you can be sure the return will be there for you.

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