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By Michelle Glennie, The Partner Marketing Group

I find it interesting that many companies shy away from exposing their personalities on their websites and website content. We are all human and we all like to have fun and a smile. While humor certainly has its place in the business world, it can also be a useful tool for attracting prospective customers and to garner a following solely using your website content.

Website Content: Show Your Personality

Think about the websites you enjoy visiting, whether they are for your personal or business interest. It is probably those that you visit for personal reasons that you enjoy the most, and it is probably a business-to-consumer website. Think about the impact you can make on a prospective customer, who is visiting your business website for the first time, if you greet them with a pop up saying:  ‘Hello, we’ve been waiting for you!’ or ‘There you are!’ A simple friendly greeting may inspire that prospect to give you their contact information in the hope that you’ll be as friendly and as inviting as your website projects. Of course you will need to deliver on being friendly and inviting.

Humor is a great way to start a dialogue and encourage interactions with prospective customers – and they are sure to share your website with friends and colleagues. But a word of caution – humor can get old fast so don’t overdo it. Look for simple ways to breathe life into your website, brighten your message, develop your online personality and engage your prospective customers.

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