Marketing Examples That Just Work

By Cheryl Strege, President of The Partner Marketing Group

Are you looking for marketing examples to help you get creative with your own marketing efforts? What makes a marketing campaign so memorable that we immediately recognize it, even years later? Although this isn’t a complete list, a few things stand out…

Marketing Examples to Help YOU Stand Out

  • Humor: Marketing that sticks in our consciousness often has a humorous element to it.
  • Catchy phrase or tagline: This tagline – so easy a caveman can do it – was easy to remember. And repeat to our friends!
  • Simplicity: The concept is simple which makes it easy to share. And today we SHARE more than ever!
  • Repetition: No lack of media attention while this GEICO commercial was in market! I think I saw those commercials on every station I watched, and saw them over and over.
  • Consistency: Even though the commercials changed often – adding more cavemen and putting them in different situations – the central theme and tagline was consistent time after time.
  • Brand: The brand is strong and lives on long after the cavemen departed. Even today I can buy “caveman” shirts, mugs, stickers, and coffee cups online, so the brand developed a life of its own.

The Geico Commercial We Will Never Forget

Few of us have the advertising/marketing budgets of a GEICO but that doesn’t mean we can’t be creative and most of all, memorable in the minds of our customers. My best advice is to “be yourself” and let your company personality show. We all have many competitors selling the same things we do – so what makes you different from the others? A big part of that difference is who you are and what you stand for. Make that a key element of your marketing strategy and you’re on the way to success! It’s not
“so easy a caveman can do it”, but you certainly can!

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By Cheryl Strege, President of The Partner Marketing Group

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