Is One Nurture Marketing Campaign Enough?nurture marketing campaign calendar graphic

By Cheryl Salazar, The Partner Marketing Group

We’ve gone over some fundamentals of writing emails and you’re ready to go with your first one. You think you’re done and dusted (that’s a South African phrase we use – “done and dusted”). Well, I hate to break the news to you but you’re not – that was just the basics! Nurture Marketing is more than just one campaign.

Email is a very small part of your overall nurture marketing plan. You should be thinking about what you want to achieve with an email campaign. Is it an event invitation? Where’s the email you need to write to remind registrants of the time, date and provide them with the link/location information? And where is the email that you need to write as a follow up (post event) that provides attendees and registrants who couldn’t attend with the information you promised them. That’s a minimum of 3 emails you need to write – and that’s just for an event.

Then there’s the nurture program for your prospect database. You may ask yourself whether you need a nurture marketing program and my answer to you is ABSOLUTELY – unless of course you want to kill your company with a lack of name recognition and an absent sales pipeline. You are not going to be a popular person in your company if you don’t have a plan in place for nurturing your prospects and customers.

Nurture programs are a great way for you to constantly feed information to your customers and your prospects. Nurturing builds lasting relationships, and keeps you top of mind so you are there when prospects and customers are ready to buy.

Putting together a nurture program is not a task you should take lightly. Using the approach of an editorial calendar, plan out your series of email touches for your targets. Gather together a single call to action for each email (an eBook, a short whitepaper, a downloadable infographic, or a video), and ensure you keep your contact information consistent. Use a marketing automation tool and a series of landing pages to gather contact information and execute on your nurture program. And presto, you’re constantly and consistently in market!

When you think about a nurture program, don’t neglect those existing customers who are an excellent source of add-on sales, migrations, upgrades and services revenue. A regular newsletter touch may be all you need to ensure you stay consistent whether your newsletter is monthly or every other month.

Automation tools can be your best friend when it comes to executing on any nurture strategy. They alleviate the day to day drudge so you can focus on the fun stuff, which is creating that awesome content you’ve been dreaming out. The next series of blogs will cover exactly that – creating awesome content.

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