Is Marketing in December Useless?

By Michelle Glennie, The Partner Marketing Group

For some reason, most companies abandon their marketing efforts in December. They may have heard from someone along the way that it is useless because nobody pays attention and your marketing dollars will be wasted. Here are three things you can do in December to make marketing a bit more useful:

3 Things to Do When Marketing in December

  1. Build your pipeline for Q1 – Many companies choose to stop their advertising this time of year and this may include your competitors. You probably have cleared out your pipeline of prospects to ensure a strong fourth quarter. The prospects who weren’t ready are still there and you should continue to contact them albeit with a softer sell so that you stay fresh in their minds and let them know just because they didn’t purchase something from you that you aren’t going to forget about them. This would be a great opportunity to send them a Holiday Card- just make sure to keep it light and don’t push hard on the sales aspect.
  2. Thank your clients – Make sure you continue your marketing efforts to existing clients that you have worked with this year. Take the opportunity to thank them for their business. By doing this simple gesture you create a stronger relationship and are sure to stay in their thoughts when planning their budgets for the upcoming year. As a bonus you may offer them a promotion that they can take advantage of in January when their budgets are replenished.
  3. Take advantage of downtime – There is a good chance that you will have some downtime in December. With people taking vacations and trying to finish up other projects before the holidays, that may leave you with time to shore up your Q1 marketing materials. Take this time to refresh your email marketing templates. Does your website need to be purged of dated content (don’t forget to update your copyright date)? Put the final touches on any campaigns that you are planning to launch next year so that when the holidays are over there isn’t a scramble to get caught up.

Have More Tips?

Just by leveraging these three tips you can ensure that you avoid the marketing “Dry Spell” that is December. If you have any other tips that you have learned that can be leveraged in December we would love to hear from you. Please comment below!

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