By Cheryl Strege, The Partner Marketing Group


Marketing, much like maintaining a home, is a state of “Continual Process Improvement”.  Similarly, there are times to DIY, and times to bring in a professional. “Keep Calm and Do It Yourself (Or Not): 3 Marketing Examples” presents 3 great scenarios of how, when and why the DIY approach to marketing works, and when you may want to consult the professionals. Depending on your business’ size, focus customers, goals and future direction, this article gives great advice and options for a variety of marketing approaches to maximize your return on investment.

Scenario 1 focuses on DIY Marketing Plans, and makes it clear that “One-size DOES NOT fit all”. In this example, the company focused on replicating a marketing plan of a competitor they felt was representative of their business, and clearly did not hit the nail on the head. They concentrated on ‘Tactical’ hits, (Pay-Per-Click volume on their site), but failed to think about ‘Operational’ and the overall ‘Strategic’ plan for attracting people actually going to buy the product (relevant leads). If you have a team to research the trends affecting how your prospects actually spend their $$, and drive those prospects to YOUR business, you’re on the right track. The article explains when to DIY and when you may want to consult a professional.

Scenario 2 illustrates how difficult it is to DIY Content Creation & Design, and hit your target audience with infographics. In this case, the business had a wide variety of highly technical White Papers promoting their product, but needed a marketing plan to drive relevant leads to read them. The challenge here was creating an infographic that was broad enough to peak the initial interest of the masses, yet specific enough for the customers to believe they can solve their specific problems.   The article demonstrated how creating a professional looking infographic with engaging messaging backed up with pertinent statistics is a very time consuming process, so the decision on whether to DIY or bring in a professional came down to billable time. Depending on your resources, outsourcing may save you time and money in the long run.

Scenario 3 points out that you can grow your customer base (and save money) in Nurture Campaigns, by outsourcing the creative portion, then DIY-ing the execution. Just because a prospect isn’t “Sales-Ready” (Budget/Authority/Timing) today, doesn’t mean they won’t be a valued customer in the future. In this example, the prospect had already completed a web-form (initiating a call back), which means marketing already worked, and they are interested in your product. Failure comes when that lead is discarded if they are not sales-ready that day. The article explains how using a combined approach to automated Nurture Campaigns kept the prospective leads engaged (even guiding them), without wasting the time of the sales-force until the lead was in a better position to become a true customer.

Unlike tiling a shower, there isn’t a DIY YouTube video (yet) showing how to implement your company specific marketing plan. Until then, I highly recommend reading “Keep Calm and Do It Yourself (Or Not): 3 Marketing Examples”, to give you some ideas of when you should DIY and when you should consider outsourcing to optimize the effectiveness your marketing plan.

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