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By Cheryl Strege, The Partner Marketing Group

Email marketing, it is something every company uses as it is the LAST 1:! communication we have with our current and future customers. And, the very first thing that happens at 2 am in my inbox is the arrival of the daily barrage of newsletters, email communications, webinar invitations, and so on. One of the very first things I do when I go into my inbox is a) either highlight them all and hit the shift + delete button to be rid of them for the day or b) once I’ve skimmed the headlines, I put the more interesting ones in a folder to look at later – mainly for inspiration when I need to write my own email. The ones I open, read and most often keep are the ones that have an element of fun, are more personal, and obviously are of greater interest to me.

Email Marketing

As humans we are, for the most part, hardwired for inter-personal experiences, after all even the most hardened geeks have to shut down their computers and interact with another human or animal in their lives. We often adopt a different voice when cooing over children, talking to our pets, our spouse or other significant people in our lives.

Have you ever considered doing the same with your prospects?

While I don’t recommend dispensing with good grammar, punctuation and spelling, or resorting to awful slang terms, I do recommend letting your personality come through in your business communications. By dropping the formality and adopting a friendly tone in communications you immediately establish the rapport that you’re looking for.  When writing your email read it out aloud. If it sounds unnatural, continue to work on it until it sounds friendly, warm and inviting.

And it’s perfectly okay to add a PS at the end and offer up additional nuggets of information.

PS. Next up is ‘When One Email is Not Enough.’

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