6 Tips to Get the Best from Your Marketing PartnerDid you know 75% of your peers in technology marketing are outsourcing some portion of their marketing elements? According to our 2019 Technology Marketing Benchmarks and Trends Report, most of our respondents struggle with the cost or difficulty of outsourcing, but it isn’t as tough or expensive as you might think.

Outsourcing to an experienced marketing partner can actually deliver very quick returns on your investment.

Here are a few tips we share with our clients to ensure a productive, seamless partnership.

1. Set realistic expectations.

If you haven’t been marketing regularly to targeted groups or lists, it will take time to achieve results. It can take months to build foundational elements and put your strategic marketing plan in place, so keep your key executives engaged and supportive of the direction and discipline required for effective marketing.

2. Don’t rush the discovery process.

Most partners start with discovery about your goals, whether through phone calls, questionnaires, or possibly both. The more details you share and the more honest you are, the better the outcome. This is a great time to share past frustrations and your goals and opportunities for growth.

3. Share comprehensive (and consolidated) feedback.

Ensure any feedback you provide comes from all project stakeholders shared as one edit round. Providing multiple sources’ feedback separately can delay the revision process, producing longer wait times and additional charges. Articulating precisely what you like and dislike is more helpful and, again, the more detailed you are, the more likely your partner will learn your preferences for future projects.

4. Share timely feedback.

If you receive a due date for feedback, meet the deadline to the best of your ability. A set date allows your marketing partner to schedule time with their team, and if you miss the date they cannot guarantee quick turnaround on deliveries and changes. If you feel you are unable to meet the deadline, work together to set a new deadline. Timely feedback helps both you and your partner!

5. Be flexible.

Your marketing partner should want you to be successful, which means they may suggest additional steps or changes along the way as they learn more about your project and goals. You’ve hired them for their expertise, and their recommendations are made on knowledge and experience from past clients and projects. While your ideas may conflict with theirs, they should always have your best interest in mind. Stay flexible and engaged during the process, and you will receive the best outcome from your investment!

6. Maximize your investment.

When you receive the items created by your partner, there are often opportunities to extend the reach and life of your content to increase your ROI. You should always “Re-Use, Re-Purpose, Re-Cycle” your content. For example, if you have an eBook created, make an infographic from the major takeaways, or write a few blogs surrounding the eBook. You can always update existing content to get the most from your investment.

If you’re still nervous about outsourcing your marketing, just contact us directly to find out more about what we offer, pricing for your projects and how the process works.

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