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By Michelle Glennie, The Partner Marketing Group

Email marketing can be tricky, you have to stand out and more often than not, most emails I have gotten are BORING! Maybe you’re not, but for the most part, your company’s emails are. If they’re laden with “we have great stuff so contact me at your earliest convenience”, then you are not in tune with what your readers want or need.

4 Tips to Boost Your Email Marketing Response

Here’s an excellent article from Manta that explains how to boost your email response rates with 4 easy tips.

  1. Keep it short. Your reader doesn’t have the time, or won’t make the time, to wade through more than a paragraph. When seeing a long email, the immediate thought is “I’ll get to this later”. Unfortunately, by the time “later” rolls around, the email has been long buried in the inbox.
  2. Break up large blocks of text. Use bullets. Make your message easy to scan and easy to understand what the action item is because the reader will not take the time to figure out what you’re trying to say.
  3. Get your readers’ attention at the beginning. Put the most important content “above the fold”. Don’t make the reader scroll down to understand the message. And make the message compelling with an interesting short story (such as a customer’s story you can highlight), use enticing facts, or surprise them.
  4. Have a single call-to-action. Direct the reader to one single action instead of confusing them with multiple options. “If you like this, go here. But if you’re more interested in that, go there…”

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