By Barbara Pfeiffer, The Partner Marketing Group


If you’re still considering what you should be doing to send holiday greetings to your clients and prospects this year, here are a few ideas:

  1. Do something good. My favorite option? Just Give lets you buy gift cards (and ecards) which recipients can redeem – donating to their choice of a non-profit in their name. Kiva and Donor’s Choose also provide gift options that allow your recipient to pick the project (global or local) that they want to give to. You may also want to consider a nonprofit that is meaningful to your business and clients. Make a gift to them directly and share that in your holiday card. For example – are you focused on a specific geography? Give to your local homeless shelter, soup kitchen, or community center.
  2. Design something unique. Ditch the stock art and work with a designer to create a card that is unique to you. Show your personality, share your staffers (in a group photo), or have some fun with illustrations such as caricatures.
  3. Create multiple versions. If you’re sending e-cards, consider a print version for that handful of customers and partners that really support you. Less direct mail these days means this will stand out. Don’t forget social media. A re-sized version of your e-card may not work in all your properties so consider all the uses for your holiday greeting and create versions for each.
  4. Re-think your timing. You do not need to send holiday cards in December. Cards at Thanksgiving are great if your message is one of “thanks” (and it probably should be). January is also great as you wish your clients a profitable New Year. Or take it a step further and find some “off the beaten track” holidays and send messages that will truly stand out as unique. http://holidayinsights.com/moreholidays/index.htm
  5. In these days of the virtual workplace, team gifts can be a bit difficult but if you are sending to someone at an office, a team gift (typically food) is always appreciated. By the way – if you want to really be remembered send your gift early in December or in January when less food is arriving.
  6. Offer a gift of your services including support hours, free report creation, or upgrade support.
  7. Segment your audience. Consider different messages for different audiences (such as your partners, customers, and prospects). Go a step further and pull out your “top” clients and advocates and do something special. At the very least these advocates deserve a hand-written, signed card from you. Make it special with a gift card inside. Avoid e-gift certificates for this audience. A card in the mail and an actual gift card in hand is tangible and more memorable.
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