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By Barbara Pfeiffer, The Partner Marketing Group

Marketing Performance: Facts vs Myth

In a recent LinkedIn conversation, a poster asked, “Do I still need SEO if I have good content?” They went on to explain they were recently told that getting people to your site is all about content and that search engine optimization tactics no longer work. Needless to say, many marketers jumped on the post’s thread to set the record straight (and no – they were not all SEO companies).

It did make me think though about how many times we hear myths like this in marketing and how much damage they can do to your marketing performance. Typically, the myth has at least some truth to it, making it easier to believe.

So what are the most common myths and what’s the reality?

1. Outbound marketing doesn’t work.

This is generally spoken by inbound marketing agencies and not necessarily with an eye toward the more complex B2B technology sale

The Reality: In a 2014 DMA study 75.8% of marketers said they are using more email than they were three years ago and with good results. A good B2B marketing strategy is about a combination of strategies – inbound and outbound. 

2. Direct mail is dead.

Easy enough to believe considering how “connected” we are via email, social, and text. And if your idea of direct mail is the mass postcard mailings of the past, then the myth is probably right (particularly for B2B marketers).

The Reality: What works is what gets someone’s attention and encourages them to engage with you. The fact that so many people are not using direct mail means that a quality piece – a personal letter or a dimensional piece – can break through the clutter and get the attention of your prospect.

3. You don’t need SEO if you have great content.

You cannot succeed at inbound marketing without great content. And since all the search algorithms reward fresh content, there’s certainly something to this statement.

The Reality: While you need solid content to be found, search engine optimization tactics are what get that content found. Many people who advance the idea of not needing SEO are probably also thinking only in terms of the basic on-site optimization tactics (like keywords and tags) and not powerful tactics like link building.

Are Marketing Myths Driving Your Decisions?

Are there marketing myths you’ve heard that are driving some of your marketing decisions?  Please share them so we can help debunk or confirm!

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