Marketing and the GDPR

What is the GDPR?Marketing after GDPR, what's next?

The GDPR is a newer regulation heard round-the-world – literally. The General Data Protection Regulation, put in place by the EU to give its citizens more control over their data, is scary to those of us who rely on e-mail for marketing. Because of its strict framework and guidelines, the GDPR could complicate your e-mail marketing tactics and interfere with your lists, but it might just be the kick you need to start getting creative and diversify your marketing strategies instead of relying on old habits.

Aim for the Bullseye

When marketing around GDPR, it’s crucial to focus on the smaller, more profitable targets. Account-Based Marketing (ABM) allows your company to dive into smaller subsets of your customers and campaign them specifically for what you have to offer. Instead of blasting multiple accounts with the same offer, pick one account and tailor their experience to suit them. For example:

  • Set up a meeting with a customized “sales” offer for their account
  • Design a custom landing page on your website
  • Test creative direct mail campaigns with executives

Nurture Your Leads

Nurture Marketing, or Lead Nurturing, might be the best bet for getting your new leads to become buyers. This tactic can still be completed through e-mail, but presented in a way that makes the lead feel important to the company. Your leads should be catered to; match what you have to what they need so you are at the top of their list when they are ready to buy. It might take a few campaigns for leads to bite, so don’t give up.

Think Inside the Mailbox

While Direct Mail might seem dated, it can be extremely effective when paired with ABM. Instead of sending out thousands of mailers to “cast a big net,” it’s important to target a smaller demographic of your best prospects and customers with dimensional mail pieces. These eye-catching and specifically-targeted mailers will be noticed and opened.

Quick tips for creating effective direct mailers:

  • Use oversized envelopes
  • Make it 3D, or shaped differently than typical mail
  • Don’t use large-print spam words like “sale,” “buy now,” or “offer”
  • If your budget allows – go big and send actual gifts in large boxes

Bring Your Clients to You

It is important, now more than ever, to make sure your clients know how to find you. Using Search Engine Marketing or Search Engine Optimization (SEM/SEO) is arguably the most verified way of bringing potential clients directly to your web-doorstep. Since outbound marketing could take a hit from GDPR, focus on driving traffic to your site. Social media is a great place to start; create a blog and link to it via social media, post content directing to your webpage, etc. While SEM works almost immediately, SEO can take some time and consistent adjustment but is well worth the effort.

Let Us Do the Work for You

The Partner Marketing Group specializes in creative marketing strategies – so let us help you. GDPR is complicated and overwhelming, and we can take the pressure off you to create a diverse marketing plan tailored to your clients and their needs. Contact TPMG today to start working toward your marketing goals!

Written by: Michelle Glennie, The Partner Marketing Group

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