WP_20140607_001The kids are out of school and the ‘morning chaos’ takes on a new meaning. Instead of getting grumpy kids out of bed early in the morning, fixing them breakfast, packing lunches or backpacks and delivering them to school on time, you’re now focused on every parent’s dilemma: WHAT am I going to do with them for 2.5 months while I work?

Just like that suggested summer reading list or daily math task that they have to complete, I have a few suggestions for you as a marketing professional.  A few years back we wrote an article for The Partner Channel magazine which had some great suggestions. Marketing should NEVER go dead in the summer just because you’re on vacation (or you think your prospects are).

Summertime is great time to reflect on the effectiveness of your website. Just like you, I seldom visit our own website but when you do, you may realize it’s been MONTHS since you last posted a blog, asked for a recommendation, or updated a page.  Even sourcing a few updated calls-to- action, such as videos, whitepapers or infographics, can make a big difference to your prospects. These are relatively simple and easy tasks to complete, yet get lost in the growing list of tasks you need to accomplish. Make a simple spreadsheet, by month, of items you can add on a regular basis and add them to your calendar as a reminder.

If your kids are looking for a summer job, consider hiring them and giving them an opportunity to learn more about marketing. I was fortunate enough to mentor a college student last summer for a client of ours and can honestly say we learned more about marketing from each other. Our article outlines a more comprehensive list of tasks that you can have them focus on and which helps your business out in the long run.

How do you work and take a vacation at the same time? Next up in our blog series … marketing automation tools.

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