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By Cheryl Salazar, The Partner Marketing Group

Every year around this time I freak out a little. Once Thanksgiving hits it’s on to Christmas and the year is over. There is so much to get done before then – inviting family, decide who is hosting what, Christmas shopping to be done, and what to do with the kids between Christmas and New Year’s. It’s no wonder the Christmas card has fallen by the wayside for a few years now.

And this personal perceived chaos translates to business too and can especially impact your marketing pipeline. As October, November and December seems to be the ERP marketing season for many resellers – You’re trying to get in front of those companies who are tearing their hair out with the lack of insight, tools, and time to get their yearend close done properly without any loose ends to tie up. Just because your prospects are busy doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do anything until January. Check out the 3 activities you can work on for your marketing pipeline.

3 Quarter Four Activities to Work On

1. Focus on the prospects in your marketing pipeline you can close

Take a look at your marketing pipeline and really examine who is most likely to be receptive to your message. There are companies out there who do not close their books at the end of December. For them the ERP/CRM buying season is different. Focus on them and see if you can get them to take the next step. Personally call them and nurture that relationship.

2. Identify the prospects who are closing in your marketing pipeline

You’re after the prospect having the worst headache trying to close their yearend. Their frustration and angst is probably centered around data they don’t have, manual processes that take too much time, and a host of other issues. Aside from potentially inviting them to your customer dinner because they may be in sore need of that drink you’re offering or a square meal, make a note to contact them early in the New Year with messages targeted specifically to address those pains and frustrations and get them into the top of your funnel. You need to sell and deploy that solution well ahead of the next yearend.

3. Identify publisher offers  

No matter which publisher or ISV you work with, find out what offers they have to help you close business. Being armed with that list prior to doing any call downs to prospects and customers is a good thing. You can be seen as someone who has their best interest in mind. Offers are a powerful closing tool.

Need Help with Your Marketing Pipeline or Marketing?

Remember, The Partner Marketing Group is ready to help with crafting the right messages for you. Give us a call, it’s yearend for us too but we’re well equipped to help you out in a pinch.

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