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Are you looking for ways to increase the ROI of your case studies? Well, most technology marketers I talk to cringe when I ask how many case studies they have. Companies with hundreds of happy clients may have only a few of them down on paper. For most of us, case studies require significant effort for everyone involved including your customer. So it’s always a surprise to me how few marketers have a plan to promote their case studies after they’re written. With the thought that it may just be lack of imagination (or exhaustion after getting the study done) here are some ideas for getting the most from this valuable asset.

Placement is Everything

Carefully consider the placement on your site. There is value in putting them in one place like the “Our Clients” page but you need to do more.  Pull quotes from the case studies and use them on other pages to reinforce the messaging on that page. Highlight one on your home page (and rotate it often).

While we’re here – there are two things you should never do:

  • Make me look for them (why are you putting case studies under the About Us tab?)
  • Put them behind a login. Case studies showcase your brilliance – don’t make me work hard to read them.

Reformat them. As soon as your case study is done, take it apart and build into new assets you can use throughout your marketing.

  • Create a single slide that can be used in your presentations, a video, maybe even an infographic with compelling customer quotes or scenarios in it.
  • Create a video (an extra step but well worth it). When you have 6 or more – shorten and consolidate them into a single video for your website.
  • Pull out quotes and compelling statements (like ROI) for use in social media and in your blog posts.
  • Create signage from the best quotes and statements for your tradeshow booth.

Promote them.  Every case study deserves a promotional plan.

Use Your Assets to Increase Your ROI

  • Use the assets you created above and schedule a series of social posts about the case study (extra credit if you can get your customer to socialize as well).
  • Create a blog about the case studies – pulling out a few highlights.
  • Add a link to your email signature.
  • Think outside the box – send a hard copy with a letter to your top 10 prospects that sales is working with to show what you can do.

Make these extra steps just part of the case study process and keep a checklist handy to make sure they’re all completed and you’ll be increasing the ROI of your case studies in no time.

Need Assistance with Your Marketing?

If your case study arsenal is looking depleted, contact The Partner Marketing Group for assistance in writing, designing, and putting your best (case studies) foot forward.

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