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By Barbara Pfeiffer, The Partner Marketing Group

Have you been looking for marketing campaign tips to step up your game? Well, I’ve been spending a lot of time lately with my clients looking at social media, marketing automation and content as well as all the other little tidbits that make up the new world of in-bound marketing.  Which got me thinking? What really makes a good marketing campaign?  If we put all the “must have’s” for an in-bound strategy in place – will people respond?

Well – not always. And the reason (unsurprisingly for me) is in the “basics”. Regardless of your tactics or your strategies – a STELLAR campaign has some elements we frequently don’t think about – without them – having all the tactics aligned won’t mean a thing.

5 Components of a Stellar Marketing Campaign

  1. ME!! Know as much about me as you possibly can. Go beyond the “companies with revenue over $20 million” attribute. Know my industry, my pains and use MY language. Dropping names (with quotes and testimonials won’t hurt either).
  2. Gimme! (It seems to be about “Me” again.) In this case – give ME something that helps me do my job.  Depending on where I am in the decision making process, this could be “soft” – a guide to social CRM considerations for my business or HARD – pricing that will make me a hero.
  3. Meaningful follow-up. (Hmmm – “me” again). Meaningful follow-up means KNOW what I did the last time I connected with you and give me something that will take that another step. I just downloaded Social CRM Considerations for my Business? Give me a week or two and then send me a list of questions I can go through to see if my business is ready.  If I get 15 mails from you and don’t move further – don’t drop me – just put me on a different “schedule”. By the way – if I’m your customer I suspect you to know EVERYTHING about me, so one-to-many emails do little to impress me.
  4. Patience (and a dose of reality). You will never buy a list, write a campaign and get tons of leads. Be patient, work your pipeline, nurture ALL your prospects (for as long as it takes) and set realistic metrics and ROI. And educate everyone else you work with about the realities too.
  5. Quality. It really, really matters. We are bombarded by ads, emails, images and solicitation. If you can’t take the time to make it appealing to me (from design to copy to an offer) then I can’t take the time to read it. You need creative, clean design that sets you apart from others and “invites me in” – whether it’s into a website or email. By the way – quality is NOT subjective. If you’re not a designer – bring in someone who can provide a critique BEFORE you invest dollars and time.

Notice we don’t talk about email, inbound versus outbound, etc.? Why? Because it really doesn’t matter. These “components” transcend tactics and will help any tactic you use to achieve the most possible.

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