How to Reach Potential Prospects

By Michelle Glennie, The Partner Marketing Group

As a marketer, the main task you have is how to reach potential customers. The challenge is how you effectively do that on a consistent basis. You may have realized a pattern and not even be aware of it. When you are in the market for a new car, you suddenly start to see new car advertisements everywhere. It’s not as if they suddenly appear when you decide the time is right to buy that car. Those advertisements are always there, it’s just that they are pertinent to you now. This doesn’t hold true for just cars but purchases that are not commodity items. This behavior is called “selective attraction” and it is a key part of inbound marketing.

There are several parts to an effective inbound marketing program. The concept of inbound marketing is to catch the attention of your potential prospects and draw them in when they are ready rather than bombarding them with direct contacts. By staying indirectly relevant in your prospects mind, you increase the chances that they will consider you when they decide the time is right to make a purchase.

According to MarketingProfs’s, “Eight Ingredients of Effective Inbound Marketing for Generating and Qualifying Leads”, you can use these:

8 Techniques on How to Reach Potential Prospects:

  1. Public relations
  2. Analyst relations
  3. Thought leadership
  4. Website
  5. Custom landing pages
  6. Paid and organic search
  7. Blogs
  8. Social media

Even though there are eight elements to drawing prospects in, it may not be as overwhelming as you think. By chipping away at this list, you can accomplish this quite easily. Two elements to start these efforts off are blogs and your website.

Where to Start

Start by setting up a blog on your website or joining a group blog that tie in with your area of expertise. For example, The Distribution Software Blog is a great opportunity for partners focused on the Distribution industry. This will begin to improve your visibility and display your knowledge. The trick is to start thinking like a prospect and put yourself in their shoes. If you knew nothing about a particular topic, what would you want to know?

The Next Step

The next step should be to review your website and see how easily you can find what you are looking for. If you can’t find it, how will your prospects? Also, does it contain information relevant to the industries you are targeting?

Start Checking Items Off The List

After you accomplish these two steps, start looking into the other techniques that will put you in a much better position to draw the attention of your prospects. Try attacking the remaining techniques in small groups and before you know it, you will have accomplished all of them.

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