How to Write a Boilerplatehow to write a boilerplate

As marketers, something you should always have ready to go is your company’s boilerplate statements. But, how do you write a boilerplate. A clear and succinct boilerplate message can be used in many ways and helps you position yourself effectively to prospective and current clients, internal teams across your organization, and the stakeholders and partners you have relationships with.

What is a Boilerplate and How to Write a Boilerplate

A boilerplate is a brief summary statement that highlights who you are as an organization and team, your culture, what you offer, and the value you bring to the market and your customers. Writing a boilerplate or variety of boilerplates for different situations is a great exercise and huge time saver. Plus, it’s the best way to ensure everyone is sharing a unified message (without reinventing the wheel every single time).

Maybe you…

  • Already have one that’s grown a bit stale.
  • Experienced company growth or downsizing and the statement is no longer relevant to your situation.
  • Haven’t even had a chance to really dig into what makes you unique.
  • Struggle with kicking off any and every campaign due to a lack of direction on who you are as a company.

Your boilerplate should go so much further than just a paragraph on your website! We’ve gathered a few key tips to writing successful boilerplate statements along with a checklist of where to keep this updated consistently.

Download “Tips for Creating Powerful Boilerplate Copy”

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How to Use Your Boilerplates

Once you’ve created a boilerplate statement or statements, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Don’t stress about constantly tweaking it: Put the due diligence into creating a strong boilerplate and use it for a while. We recommend updating it every 4 to 6 months. The reason for this is ALL the different places this boilerplate pops up in your marketing assets, across your website, on your social profiles, as well as all your branded assets: images and banners. Your boilerplate should provide clarity into who you are, not confusion when one or two spots don’t match up.
  2. Add a CTA: You may not think to make this a lead-gen tactic, but boilerplate statements today include a quick call to action. Make sure to include a website URL(s) and, where appropriate, hashtags and social media handles. Keep the interest going and encourage prospects to reach out to you in other ways.
  3. Tone says a lot about you: Boilerplates are usually added to press releases, incorporated into the About Us section of your website, and added as a closer to your marketing assets but don’t let the buck stop there! When you’re brainstorming a new campaign, keep it top of mind and use it as your North Star. This helps to keep your messaging clear and concise as well as convey a consistent tone that your prospects and customers will grow to recognize.
  4. “All systems go”…on more content: The foundational work is laid and now you’re ready to create more content! This unified, approved messaging is not only saving you time in creating new marketing materials, publications, and communications, it’s there to kick you off on the right foot.

Need help?

We hope you find our tip sheet on How to Write Boilerplates helpful. Whether you need help creating and updating your boilerplate or other marketing content, the team here at The Partner Marketing Group can help. Contact our content experts today.

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