How to Reach Prospects

 TPMG-How Do You Reach ProspectsNow that most of us are marketing virtually from our home offices, it is more challenging than ever to reach prospects. Usually, they’d be in an office (so you could mail items to a physical location), attending tradeshows (where they would hopefully stop by your booth), or easy to reach on their office phone line. And, more concerning, over the past couple of months it appears online traffic is trending downward for many organizations.

How do you know where, when, and how to reach your prospects?

You need to reach your prospects where they are versus waiting for them to come to you. And this is important even after the pandemic. Where do you begin?

One place to start looking for clues is Google Analytics. When you combine that data with your marketing data, and hopefully amazing content, you have a fighting chance of reaching your audience where they are.

Here are a few things to look at in your Google Analytics dashboard:

Timing of Visits to Your Site

Depending on your target industry, you may find some interesting data in this section. If you focus on medical offices for example, perhaps your website is busiest at lunch time vs evening. On the other hand, if your target vertical is restaurants, your visits may spike in the evening. Knowing when most of your activity takes place helps you know when pages should go live, when to send your email campaigns, or when to staff your chatbots.

Visitor Devices

Google will soon start prioritizing your mobile website experience before the desktop, so make sure your site is optimized and tested for all devices with special attention on the mobile experience. It’s interesting to note the types of devices people use to reach your website. You should also focus on local SEO. As Google serves up more ‘near me’ results, make sure your local search opportunities and information are up to date.

Visitor Demographics

This is a very interesting section where you will gain more insight into the ‘age’ and ‘gender’ of your visitors. Knowing this information will help you focus your social media efforts and messaging. If your primary demographic is 25 – 34, they may spend more time on Instagram than LinkedIn. Perhaps its time to revisit your social media strategy. How do your visitors want to consume their information? You can miss the mark entirely if you don’t consider demographics in your marketing.

Goals Overview

If you’re trying to determine which content pieces are more popular, then goal setup is essential. As this information builds over time, you’ll gain insight into which pieces were most popular and which ones weren’t. You can use this information to build more effective content that will attract more visitors, add more emails to your marketing list, and hopefully close more sales.

In conclusion, marketing right now is challenging enough so it’s worth your time to research where your prospects are and meet them there. Need help? Contact The Partner Marketing Group.

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