Are you curious whether your marketing investments are on par with those of your peers and competitors? From social media to content to marketing automation, there are many places technology companies put their marketing dollars, but it can be tricky to know whether the decisions you make align with industry trends and best practices. That’s exactly why The Partner Marketing Group published our free 2023 Technology Marketing Benchmarks & Trends Report.

We created the report by surveying dozens of technology partners, resellers, and independent software vendors (ISVs) about their marketing strategies, budgets, campaigns, tools, and techniques. Download the report to learn more about how these businesses geared their marketing efforts in the past—and how they’re strategizing for the future.

The report reveals:

Budgeting statistics

Most survey respondents received a marketing budget of only 5% of annual gross revenue (AGR) —or less—last year. We break down respondents’ marketing budgets by company size and revenue so you can see where your organization falls. Read the report to discover why 5-10% of AGR is many’s sweet spot marketing budget.

Planning and strategy goals

Did you know 63% of technology partners have named lead generation as their top marketing goal for 2023? We explore inbound versus outbound efforts and tools used to measure marketing effectiveness—plus you’ll get tips on how to get more out of your marketing budget.

Resources and outsourcing trends

Outsourcing gives companies greater agility to keep core critical marketing going if you have to shift internal resources around. The report reveals where respondents have marketing resource expertise and what areas they prefer to outsource. Lead generation tactics

Can you guess what the most and least effective lead-generation tactics are? The numbers reveal important data for figuring out where to further your marketing efforts. For example, social media was ranked #2 on the least effective list, but does that mean you shouldn’t pursue it? We reveal tips and advice in the report.

Content strategies

Content creation swapped places with search engine optimization (SEO) to become technology partners’ top priority for lead generation in 2023. The report shows where and how companies will plan on creating new content—and what holds them back from following through.

Social media recommendations

Social media can be fraught for many partners who don’t have a solid handle on how to see return on investment (ROI) from it. We offer five tangible tips for making social media an effective lead-generation tactic.

SEO/SEM efforts

Many partners reported having invested in professional keyword analysis and paid SEO strategies over the last year. However, they do not have any SEO or search engine management (SEM) strategy in place. Find out the top ways marketers are using keywords and how they’re measuring the success of their efforts.

Marketing automation tools

Which marketing automation technologies are the most popular among ISVs? There’s a slew of solutions out there helping partners automate processes like email responses, website traffic tracking, and assigning scoring to contacts. Find out the difference between an email marketing tool and a real automation tool.

Technology Marketing Trends Report

Download this free, technology marketing trends report to learn more about each of these categories and how technology partners plan to steer their marketing efforts in the coming year.

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