Website Marketing Errors

In this second of a series of three presentations on ‘deadly marketing errors’, it wasn’t hard to come up with a handful (actually, much more than a handful but hey, the presentation was only an hour long) of website errors that can drive prospects away. We may all think that our websites are ‘prospect friendly’ but would be surprised at how these common errors can drive qualified leads into someone else’s pipeline.

Here are a few of the top errors common to many websites. Note that I said “a few”; otherwise this would be a book and not a blog post.

Top Website Marketing Errors

1. ERROR – It’s not sticky.

I don’t mean sticky like your child’s hands after a wad of cotton candy at the fair. I’m talking about sticky as in getting a prospect to stay on your website for more than 3-5 seconds. Simply take a look at your website analytics report. If your bounce rate is higher than 60%, the time on site is only a few seconds, and the pages viewed are only 1-2, then it’s time to re-do your content. Content attracts website visits. Content gets the visitor to stay. Content persuades the visitor that you’re the right company to help them. If you don’t have great ‘thought leadership’ content today, download our free ABC’s of Content Marketing guide to get started.

2. ERROR – No ‘offers’ to engage the visitor.

I recently read that the average attention span of an adult is just 8 seconds. (Mine is about ½ that when my husband starts telling me about joists, headers, cripples, and the properties of concrete – and I’m being generous when I imply a 4 second attention span.)

Did you know that 90% of B2B technology buyers view online video? And that 80% read blogs and 69% are active in social networks? (iMEDIA CONNECTION) This is a pretty powerful reason to populate your website with happy customer videos and product videos. And to make sure your bloggers are top-notch and on time to deliver their blog posts. And if you’re not using social media to connect with potential customers you have a big gap in your marketing strategy. As a potential customer, I want you to engage me, interest me, entertain me, and educate me. Because it’s all about ME. (Truly- It is.)I love me

3. ERROR – You’re just like everyone else.

Please…we’ve all heard it before. You’re great, your company is great, your customers think you’re great, and so does your dog. Stop telling people that. Instead, tell your website visitor how you’re different. Not why you’re different but what that difference will mean to them and how you can help them leap tall buildings in a single bound better/faster/more completely/higher quality than your competition.

4. ERROR – Forms that overwhelm.

Yes, we’re all guilty of it. When we FINALLY get a hot prospect to land on our not-to-be-missed offer with the urgent deadline, we want to ask the proverbial 20 questions. Restrain yourself! According to research from Digett, ask more than 3 questions (or 3 fields) on your form and your ability to convert that visitor to a lead declines dramatically (from a high of 25% conversion with 3 fields to about 12% with 10 fields). Keep it simple, especially if it’s their first visit to your website – name, company name, and email alias should suffice.

There Can Be More Website Marketing Errors

Obviously there are more errors when it comes to websites but I wanted to highlight a few that can cost you leads, and consequently, revenue lost if you don’t pay attention to what your prospects expect from you.

P.S. If you’re a Microsoft partner, you can get the full experience of the presentation – and the rest of the errors – on the Partner Learning Center here.

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By Cheryl Strege, President at The Partner Marketing Group

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