Content Creation DIYThere is certainly a big buzz today about content creation, content curation and how to go about finding the resources to help you build that content. In fact it can be a paralyzing conversation so much so that many resellers just don’t get started with content.

Here are two starting points for you to consider with content creation.

The Blog

At minimum a piece of content could be a series of awesome, well written blogs. Once again, don’t just throw ‘stuff’ up on your website hoping like heck someone will read it. Have a plan.

Sometimes it’s worth just hanging up the ‘Gone Fishing’ sign on your door. Surprise the geek in your back office with a fishing pole, some bait and the promise of some sunshine. No doubt that back room boy is going to be quite taken aback by your proposal but have you EVER sat down with that geek to see what they know? Some of the best blogs I have seen were written by a previous client. We’ll call him Andy – which is actually his real name. Well, Andy didn’t want to write any blogs – thinking he had nothing to contribute – and we harassed him every single week for a blog. When he finally delivered we were quite blown away with his knowledge of technology and the great mobile tools he was using.

Bear in mind your prospects are looking for that technology knowledge and the back room boys (or girls for that matter) have a tremendous amount to contribute to all of your customers and prospects. They help you establish the much needed credibility for your company. They showcase the depth of knowledge you have in your company.


If your wallet doesn’t stretch far enough to invest in creating your own content, visit the site of the Publisher you represent. The Publishers have invested vast amounts of energy and money into messaging and branding so leverage it. Here’s what you do can with it:

  • Create an attractive PowerPoint template with your own high resolution logo.
  • Build 4-5 slides on your topic of choice (make sure you focus on what your targets want to hear); ensuring you keep your words and bullet points to a minimum.
  • Write yourself a script for each slide – and make sure you read it aloud so it sounds good, natural and make sense.
  • Use recording software such as Go To Meeting or Lync and record your presentation.
  • Write a short description of this presentation utilizing your keywords and post it to your website.

I’m sure you will have many more ideas on how to reuse what’s out there; we’d love to hear them and we like to share our own too. The next two blogs will focus on more content ideas for you to use.

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