Content Tips for Marketing

By Barbara Pfeiffer, The Partner Marketing Group

Slow time of year – check out our content tips to give your content a facelift! And if you are like most of us, December is a light month when it comes to marketing. Other than social (which is always on), you are probably pulling back on any outbound activities. Vendors and partners you work with are slowing down a bit too and more than likely – you’re looking forward to some well-earned down time.

The slowdown in activity is a great opportunity to do some review and make sure you are ready for January and a new year of marketing.  With that in mind, we present three often overlooked “to-dos” that will ensure a stronger start to the New Year:

3 Content Tips

1. Content Inventory.  Of course you already know the value of great content in marketing (particularly for inbound). Whitepapers, articles, infographics, and case studies all play a key role in engaging your prospects. So how is your content library holding up?  Do an inventory:

  • Map collateral to target audience, and their place in the sales cycle.  Identify the gaps to be filled.
  • Compare your collateral map to your marketing plan. Do you have what you need to support next year’s demand generation?
  • This is also a great time to look at what can be refreshed and repurposed.  A whitepaper can make a great infographic, slide deck (for slideshare) or more in-depth series of articles or blogs.

2. Audit your Website. Once your content inventory is complete, it’s time to look at your site.

  • Are all the items in your inventory available online?
  • Do you have nice thumbnails and keyword rich descriptions for each of them?

You created great content, so make sure it’s easy to find and easy to access.

3. Out with the Old.  Join our upcoming event this September! We’ve all done it and we’ve all seen it. It’s difficult to find the time to get new information added to our site, and remembering to delete it can be just as hard.  Something from September 2012 will look really old by February 2013. So take the time to clean up your site:

  • Remove all old events and update any training calendars.
  • Old news?  Get rid of really old news pieces. A three year old award will probably only make me wonder why you don’t have something more recent.
  • Update and re date content. Take a look at your whitepapers, articles and other collateral and update if you can – then re-date so it stays fresh.

Need Help?

These three steps will definitely give your content a facelift before entering into the New Year. If you find gaps in your content, however, you can always contact us at The Partner Marketing Group for assistance:

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