The ABC’s of Content Marketing Blog Series

By Barbara Pfeiffer, The Partner Marketing Group

Last week on The ABC’s of Content Marketing, I shared some “getting started” thoughts, tips, and ideas from Differentiation through Graphics and this week, we’ll dive into H through K…enjoy!


In the rush to please the bots and maximize the SEO value of your content, it can be easy to forget you are writing for humans.  Get rid of the jargon and be genuine with what you write and it will naturally lead to higher conversions and more sales.


Info + graphics. What could be better?  Infographics can be a unique piece, but also make a great complement to any thought leadership pieces you publish. By the way – you can have fun with infographics every once in a while (for example, why does Santa need an ERP system?).

The ABC’s of Content MarketingJournalist

Use journalistic techniques – like interviewing sources – to create some very powerful content. Who do you interview? Everyone from employees to clients, vendors and partners.  Your implementation team probably has a wealth of great stories about the do’s and don’ts of implementations. Another technique is to ask one question (Where is the xyz industry headed? What significant changes do you see?) of multiple people and then compile the answers in a blog or other thought leadership piece.  Set alerts for top stories in an industry or focus area (i.e. cyber security or cloud computing), then add your own insight to those stories.


Assuming one goal of your content development is to attract new prospects, make sure that everyone writing content for you has a list of your keywords, such as “ERP for food & beverage distributors”.

Next Time on The ABC’s of Content Marketing

Join us next week as we dive into L through N in our ‘ABC’s of Content Marketing’.


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