The ABC’s of Content Marketing

By Barbara Pfeiffer, The Partner Marketing Group

I’m back with my continuing ABC’s of Content Marketing. Last week I shared some “getting started” thoughts, tips, and ideas from A to C and this week, I’ll be covering Differentiation through Graphics.


Yes – differentiation is a piece of content marketing. A big piece. It’s particularly important for later in the sales cycle as your prospects start to consider who they will purchase from.  Although traditionally we look at case studies for differentiation, there’s no reason to be that limited. Use client quotes and testimonials liberally throughout all your materials (even your email signature). Create an infographic about what ONLY you can do for your prospects and why you can do it better.

Editorial Calendar

Build one to keep you on track. Include topics and owners. Take it a step further and note key “events” you want to write about including actual events, tradeshows and webinars, and business triggers (such as year-end processes.)  Download our sample editorial calendar.


 Have some! Even in B2B content creation, there is ample room for creativity. Share cartoons (I love this one below). Don’t forget fun days like “Admit You’re Happy Month” (August) or any of the hundreds of wacky days on the calendar.

The ABC’s of Content MarketingGraphics

Statistics show that 93% of communication is nonverbal and that people process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. How can you take advantage of that? Of course video is the first thing that leaps to mind (but I’m saving that for the letter “V”).  For now, think about ALL the other ways graphics can enhance your content and social interactions. Did you celebrate “Have Fun at Work Day”, take a picture and post it? Ditto if you’re speaking at any events. Add graphics to EVERYTHING from blogs to whitepapers to help strengthen your key ideas AND give the eyes a rest from too much text.  By the way – STOP using the four people pointing at a computer screen and smiling. No one does that – ANYWHERE and it does little to differentiate you (See the letter D above). Graphics are a great way to help with your differentiation.

Join Us Next Week

Join us next week as we dive into H through K in our ‘ABC’s of Content Marketing’.




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