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By Cheryl Strege, The Partner Marketing Group

I recently attended a very good webcast called “The Power of the Panda” by Content MX because I’ve been hearing a lot about the dark side of duplicate content, syndicated content, replicated websites and whatever else you might want to call it. Key points I picked up at the webcast include…

Panda 4.0 Power Squashes Duplicate Content

  •          Panda 4.0 says NO to replicated websites.
  •         Google wants (1) original content; (2) relevant content; (3) engagement; (4) loyalty.
  •         Google determines a “good” site by (1) amount of traffic; (2) bounce rate; (3) return visits; (4) time spent.
  •         Panda likes “the share”. If people share your content, Panda likes and ranks you higher.
  •          Google looks at LinkedIn too, not just your website. So if you’re active on LinkedIn, have lots of contacts and followers, publish articles and other content, you could get a higher ranking.
  •          Don’t forget about the importance of mobile searches. Everything we do – websites, emails, newsletters – needs to be mobile-friendly. According to a statistic from, 64% of decision-makers read their email on a mobile device. (You do, don’t you?)

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