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By Michelle Etherton, The Partner Marketing Group


Whether you call them client case studies or customer success stories, they are one of the most – if not the most – important marketing assets you can have. When you can’t compete on product and price alone (and who can these days?), you better be able to prove your business value to prospects and customers in other ways.

Case studies are a powerful way to stand above your competitors and sway the vote in your favor but, especially in the technology industry, they can also be less than exciting.

Here’s a new way to take your case studies from boring reads to BOLD visual stories!

When it was time to create a new customer success story for our Virtual Marketing Director (VMD) program, and being the creative marketers we are, we wanted to do something different than the same ol’ 2-page PDF. Not that a traditional case study format is bad, but it’s 2017. We live in a digital world. People are more visual (and impatient) than ever.

Hey, let’s do an INFOGRAPHIC case study! So we did. And I love it.

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Are your customers the star of your show?

Make this the year you prove how you’ve helped your customers solve their biggest business and technology challenges. They should be the champions, the heroes, of your story.

While you’re at it, why not mix it up a little? Whether you jazz up your existing case studies, create new success stories, use a traditional format or get creative with infographic case studies, please just do it. We can help you facilitate the process from start to finish – professional customer interviews, compelling storytelling and creative design – and give you success stories you and your customers will be proud of.

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