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By Michelle Glennie, The Partner Marketing Group

Are you bragging about your wins in business? Do you feel like if you do it may not be the right marketing effort? Well, my mother drummed into me that bragging wasn’t a virtue at all. On an individual level braggarts are still frowned upon, but when it comes to business it is something you not only should do, but should do so, proudly.

Here are 4 ways to showcase your wins in the business world:

4 Ways to Showcase Your Wins

1. Win Wire: Showcase Your Wins, the Right Way

A little used tactic is the good old-fashioned ‘win wire’. Quick to write and brief, the win wire is a good way to drive exposure for your organization – within your own organization, with ISVs who may be providing supporting solutions, and with the publisher that you support where it’s often tough to gain visibility and remain top of mind.

2. Testimonial’s ARE YOUR FRIEND

Testimonials are the one thing you should always, always, ALWAYS ask for when you’ve concluded an implementation. These are multipurpose as you can use them in your marketing collateral, on your website, and in your social postings. Include the name of the person as well as their title to help lend credibility to your testimonial.

3. Press Release will Showcase Your Wins and Then Some

Press releases come in very handy when you’re trying to drive visibility for your company locally. Submit your press release to your local chamber of commerce, your local news outlets and the local business journal.

4. Case Studies and How to Show People Your Solution’s Data

The case study is one of your most important marketing assets. You showcase your skill set as well as the type of customers you work with. No one wants to be the guinea pig and the case study clearly indicates that you sell and implement solutions all the time.

With any of these, always make sure you ask permission of the client before you publish anything about them. Lock this in as part of your statement of work so you have the client’s commitment up front.

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